Theragun G4 Pro Massage Gun Reviews 2024

Welcome to my post ” Theragun G4 Pro Massage Gun Reviews 2022 ” Theragun Pro G4 Professional Massage Gun is known as the King of Massage Guns. So today I have finally got my hands on Therabody’s top-of-the-range percussion device: the powerful Theragun G4 Pro.

You would think that as massage gun experts we would not let ourselves be carried away by such emotions, but we must admit that some thrills have risen! But that aside, let’s get down to business and take a look at the detailed review of this Theragun G4 Pro professional massage gun.

The review on the Theragun Pro professional massage gun. The new Therabody Theragun G4 Pro device will be placed under our magnifying glass to provide you with a detailed description of the quality, strengths and weaknesses of this top-of-the-range percussion device that everyone wants.

Theragun Pro G4 by Therabody

Theragun , as you may be familiar with, is the great kahuna of the percussion therapy industry.

They started producing the first muscle massage gun on the market in 2009 and have never stopped since. Since 2016 they have monopolized the percussive therapy industry with one innovation after another. We could define them as the Apple of the world of massage guns.

With the spearhead, Theragun Pro , followed by Theragun Elite , Prime and Mini, the American company Therabody Theragun is undoubtedly among the best manufacturers of professional level muscle massage guns.

Born from the idea of Dr. Jason Wersland, the Theragun massage gun was conceived by the founder, a chiropractor who needed to recover after a traumatic motorcycle accident. The first model of Theragun dates back to 2009, then the numerous technological improvements have made Theragun the best manufacturer of massage guns in the world .

I created Theragun Percussion Therapy to help people feel better naturally when they were not in my care. Looking back, Theragun’s percussion therapy spurred a greater mission. I am proud to say that Therabody is committed to providing natural solutions that work. – Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder of Theragun

Theragun G4 Pro Massage Gun

The wording G4 Pro means that this Theragun massage gun is already a 4th generation device. Their first generation Pro dates back to about 5 years ago.

Because they don’t mess with what they do, investing in research and innovation every day, their percussion massagers are consequently very expensive.

Is the high price justified? Looking at the muscle massage gun industry today, many percussion devices with the same or even better features than the Theragun Pro have emerged.

So what is it that makes the Theragun Pro massage gun the queen of the industry?

We will cover just this question today in our detailed Theragun Pro review.

Theragun Pro Technical Specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 27
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussive (rpm) 1750/2400
Speed 5, unlimited with the Therabody app
Noise (dB) 60-70
Massage heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2 x 2600 + charging station
Weight kg) 1,3
Material High quality ABS plastic
Dimensions (cm) 25.5 x 18.0 x 7.6
Extra functionality Strength meter
OLED display
Custom pre-set routines
Bluetooth and Therabody app Adjustable
arm 4 angles
PRO Large percussive amplitude
Large stall force
2 removable batteries
Excellent ergonomics
Very expensive
Warranty 2 years
Where to buy

First impressions, build quality and what’s included in the box

We love taking new massage guns out of the carrying cases. You get the feeling that you are giving value to your money and that the brand is taking care of you as a customer.

The Theragun PRO comes in a well-made carrying case (it would be an open face robbery if they didn’t include one like this in a professional massage gun at such a high price), but taking the case out of the box we noticed that there was still something at the bottom of the package.

We have found that the accessory case, battery charging station and power supply do not fit in the carrying case ! There isn’t a compartment in the case for these items, but we tried to cram them inside the case anyway and they actually fit, albeit very compressed.

Just like in the previous Theragun Prime and Thera Elite, I also found an Apple-style envelope that contains a founder’s letter, a quick start guide, a real manual with more information, a Theragun sticker, and warranty information.

Theragun G4 Pro Massage Gun

Theragun Pro: what the device looks like

The Theragun G4 Pro has the same triangular design that has become Therabody’s trademark. With its multiple handles, it offers more ways to grip it than any other device to provide you with a quality, stress-free decontracting massage (except perhaps the Urikar AT1 which we will see later).

Theragun Pro really feels like an authentic piece and not an electric massager. It is made of high-quality plastic, with rubberized handles. But just like the previous Elite model, only the outside of the handle is rubberized.

Theragun Pro Review: Is He Still The King Of Massage Guns Or Can You Get Better?” Like the Elite, the Pro also features an OLED screen (done with style) that shows:

  • the speed
  • the battery level
  • the force applied

Unlike the Theragun Elite massage gun, which has a colored ring on the arm, the Theragun Pro has a colored circle on the part that encloses the motor. There are two color variations for this part: blue and red.

Control buttons

The mode of operation and control is similar to the previous Theragun Elite model :

  • Press and hold the power button to turn the device on / off
  • Press + or – to change speeds
  • Press <and> to scroll through the custom preset routines saved in the device (more on that later)

The 6 Theragun Pro massage heads

The Theragun Pro massage gun comes with 6 massage heads, so one more than the Elite. Let’s take a look.

  • Damper head is designed to work on bone and tender areas. It can also be used for a quick general massage.
  • Standard ball head, perfect for large and small muscle groups. You can also keep it attached to the device for general massage.
  • Thumb head (thumb), is designed to work on trigger points and the lower back.
  • Cone head is recommended for precise muscle treatment. You can use it on the ligaments around the hands and feet.
  • Wedge head works on shoulder blades and tibial ileus band. It is also the perfect accessory when you need to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension.
  • Head Supersoft TM, is a new attack that is only provided with the Theragun G4 Pro. It has a soft foam attached to it and is designed to work on sensitive areas, including bones and joints.

Hard plastic accessories can harm the body, so we designed ours with comfortable, non-porous closed cell foam , which can be easily cleaned to be more hygienic. Each massage head has a unique shape and level of impact to ensure the right treatment in the right area, the result of years of patient feedback from our founder, Dr. Jason.

The accessories are made of high quality rubber. They are soft, but some softer than others. We have noticed that the larger they are, the softer they are, probably because the large massage heads are used to target large muscle masses.

The only accessory that’s a little tough is the cone, understandably because it’s meant to work on small areas with precision. The newly added accessory (Supersoft TM ) has a soft foam attached to it, which can be easily detached for cleaning.

We were a little concerned about this as in our experience the foam tends to deteriorate quite quickly with regular use of the massage gun. However, we did notice that the Theraguns have a foam-tipped refill. You can purchase a set of 3 replacement foams.

Another concern we actually raised when we reviewed the Theragun Elite is the lack of variety in the supplied massage heads. We still believe that most of these attacks are quite similar to each other.

The ball, the shock absorber and the thumb are all the same. We wouldn’t mind if they introduced the fork and flathead mounts. This is just what we feel after using many other brands’ massage guns that provide such variants.

Finally, all accessories can perfectly adapt to all fourth generation Theragun massage guns, thanks to the universal mounting system which is the same on each model.

Dimensions, weight and ergonomics

Just as we expected, the Theragun Pro massage gun is larger than both the theragun Elite and Prime. Slightly larger than the Elite, but noticeably larger than the theragun Prime . It is also slightly heavier, precisely 200 grams more.

It’s not the largest percussion device we’ve dealt with, but since we’re talking about the best device from Theragun, we’re assuming the Pro can get away with the extra size. Consequently, it is also heavy. It weighs 1.2 kilograms.

From the point of view of ergonomics and grip, Theragun Pro is the best Theragun massage gun ever. Not only for the multigrip handle , but also because The Pro is the only Theragun equipped with an adjustable arm in 4 different angles to make the massage experience even more fluid and comfortable for the user.

Other brands have tried to mimic this feature, but the arm does not lock into place as Theragun Pro does. Usually, to adjust the arm, you have to press a button until the arm is locked in the desired position.

The adjustable arm is likely a huge benefit for osteopaths or physical therapists who may need multiple angles while treating different people in their professional practices.

If you intend to use the Pro on yourself, the adjustable arm will help you if you want to reach the lower and middle of the back. However, we don’t think the adjustable arm is the highlight of this professional massage gun.


Amplitude of percussion

This parameter indicates by how many millimeters the massage head of the massage gun moves back and forth during percussion therapy. Also called amplitude, it is what determines the depth of a muscle massage.

With its 27 kg of available stall force, the Theragun Pro massage gun is the queen when in terms of the amplitude of percussion. The Pro has a width of 16mm and, as with other competing professional massage guns or alternatives to Theragun, this is the standard percussive width of top-of-the-line devices.

As we said, other brands have also started to equip their professional devices with a width of 16 mm. A good example is the Achedaway Pro which is also a fierce rival to the Theragun Pro when it comes to performance. With a slightly higher stall force and a width of 16 mm, it guarantees a deep muscle massage without envying the more renowned Theragun G4 Pro.

Stall force

Stall force is the amount of pressure required to stop the motor of a device. It indicates the power of a massage gun and there is no talking about the power of a massage gun without mentioning its stall strength.

The G4 Pro is the most powerful Theragun massage gun in the family with a stall force of 27 Kg. This amount of stall force is more than enough to carry out any decontracting massage or physiotherapy treatment.

Since the Pro features a 16mm width, this large stall force guarantees deep massage to the bone.

Unlike its two brothers (Prime and Elite ), the Pro can guarantee deep percussive therapy even to a bodybuilder or athlete with significant muscle mass.

Please note: the stall force is progressive. In other words, you will not get 27 kg of pressure at all treatment speeds. The only time the Theragun Pro provides 27kg of stall force is when spinning at maximum intensity.

Force meter

The Theragun Pro massage gun, just like the Elite, has a force meter that tells you how much pressure you are exerting on your body. Data that appears on the OLED screen is in the form of a bar graph.

We believe this is an important feature for physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors who wish to obtain a targeted decontracting treatment.

If you intend to use the Theragun Pro-gun on yourself, the strength meter display (there is no way to control it when using it on your back) and the Theragun App can help you.

With proper use of the massage gun, you can easily master the percussion device.

Percussion / Speed ​​Levels

Just like the Prime and Elite, the Theragun Pro has the same percussion range of 1750-2400 percussion / min . You can scroll through these using the + or – keys to choose the 5 built-in speeds :

  • 1750 – first speed
  • 1900 – second speed
  • 2100 – third speed
  • 2200 – fourth speed
  • 2400 – fifth speed
There are percussion devices that spin with much more intensity than the G4 Pro. However, these massage guns rarely boast as great a percussive range as the Theragun Pro.

You can also get custom speeds using the Therabody app (we’ll go over that later in our review).

Personalized massage routines

The only new feature that is also found in the Theragun Elite is the ability to save customized massage routines within the device.

Theragun Pro allows you to save up to 3 routines. You can customize these routines with different speeds, amounts of time, and applied force. You can switch between speeds using the <and> arrows on your device.

This is a great feature that allows you to quickly access your favorite custom shows. There is already a custom routine that comes with the device, but you can easily add two more.


Here is the Achilles heel of the Theragun massage guns. With all the innovation and research of Therabody laboratories, they just can’t solve the noise problem of their devices.

The American company recently published advertising campaigns stating that fourth generation Theragun devices are quieter, to be precise that compared to third generation devices, fourth generation devices are 55% quieter.

Intrigued by this novelty, we decided to personally test the noise of the Theragun G4 Pro engine.

We compared the third generation Pro to the new Theragun Pro, actually noticing a big difference. The G4 Pro is much smoother, quieter, and doesn’t make as much noise as the G3 Pro. The fact is that the G3 Pro is an older device that is no longer on sale and, compared to most of the best massage guns available on the market in right now, Theragun Pro is one of the loudest percussion massagers.

During operation the noise is acceptable, but we think that a professional device that aims to be at the top of the market should be a little quieter.

When we tested the decibels emitted, the Theragun Pro massage gun developed 71 dB at maximum speed. Even if it is not that bad, it is 3 dB louder than the Elite, the quietest device among the three massage guns of the American house (not to mention the Theragun Mini which cannot be compared to it).

Many argue that the Theragun G4 Pro’s loud noise is the price to pay for the increased power of the new brushless motor, but we have personally reviewed many equally powerful and quieter massage guns.

A good example is the Achedaway Pro, which, despite having 36kg of stall force, is one of the quietest massage guns on the market.


Theragun does not joke about the battery. Theragun PRO comes with 2 interchangeable batteries and this is probably one of the things that could justify the high price of the G4 Pro massage gun.

To sweeten the deal, even more, Theragun has upgraded its batteries more than those of the Theragun Elite and Prime models. With the Pro, you get 150 minutes of continuous use compared to 120 minutes on Elite and Prime.

In our tests, we put it to the test and ran out of battery in just over an hour and a half, but we honestly pushed the device to full speed for the entire time of use (which happens rarely, possibly never).

There are brands that can give you up to 4 hours of continuous battery use – the Ekrin B37S massage gun is a good example. However Theragun Pro still has an advantage because you can charge one battery while using the other, great news for physiotherapists and osteopaths who can’t afford to leave treatment or massage halfway through.

The downside is that it comes with a rather bulky charger (it almost looks like a laptop charger). Just plug the charger cable into the charging station included in the package.

The battery cannot be charged while the device is running. There is a button to press to remove the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, simply push it into the device until it clicks into place.


All Theragun devices are associated with the ProCar Warranty Program.

Therabody gives you a 2-year warranty for the Theragun Pro massage gun (which is one year longer than what you get with Elite or Prime).

Now you can also purchase an Apple-style ProCare warranty for $ 100 that guarantees free repair or replacement within the first year and other benefits, but it’s not a lifetime warranty.

Therabody App – L’app di Theragun Pro

The Therabody app is a great thing! Hats off to the company for taking the time to design a fantastic dedicated app for your percussion device.

The great thing about the app is that it helps you get the most out of your massage, very useful if you’re not sure how to perform a massage. For example, once connected via Bluetooth, the app can advise you on the type of grip to use, the type of attachment and dictate the pressure applied to each part of the body.

The app has a number of suggested routines for activities, treatments, and body parts. You can use custom speeds within the app by sliding the speed button left or right (increase and decrease speed).

You will also know the optimal pressure to apply during the different routines. The Theragun Pro massage gun allows you to save up to 3 of your favorite routines. and allows you to easily access it whenever you need it.

theragun app therabody
The Therabody app is available for Android and iPhone devices .

What is the best Theragun massage gun?

Theragun Pro is undoubtedly the most powerful of all Theragun devices developed so far. It is designed to be used by wellness professionals, but also for anyone looking for a high-end percussion device.

We are sure that physiotherapists and osteopaths will greatly appreciate what this device can do for them. Features such as more powerful batteries, the ergonomic handle with multiple grips and the power provided by this device immediately catch the eye.

It is not only physiotherapists who will get the most out of this percussion massager, sportsmen or bodybuilders will also appreciate it a lot. If you are a bodybuilder or athlete with significant muscle mass, you need a powerful massage gun with high stall force and a large percussive amplitude. Theragun Pro offers you all this without compromise.

If you are not one of the people mentioned above but just need a professional or otherwise high-end massage gun, Theragun Pro has everything you need. Don’t be frightened by its powerful features, you can always use the Pro gently and still get the benefits of percussion therapy from the comfort of your home.

Just like the Prime and Elite siblings, the Theragun Pro massage gun can work at a low intensity of 1700rpm, combined with light skin pressure and the right massage head (use Supersoft if you’re unsure), the Pro can provide you with a relaxing or decontracting massage at your convenience.

A tip for you
If the high cost of the Pro is holding you back, but you still need a Theragun massage gun, the Thera Elite is a good option to consider. It doesn’t sacrifice much power and is even quieter than the Pro if you like quiet.

Is the Theragun Pro worth its price?

Theragun Pro price is a rather high jump ( Check Price ) from the previous Elite massage gun ( Check Price ). But is there anything that justifies the price of the Theragun Pro massage gun, the most expensive massage gun on the market?

If you have no problem paying the price of the Theragun Pro, do it without thinking about it and you will not regret it.

That said, the Theragun Pro is a great device for demanding users due to its power and unique features like the Therabody app. Other than that there isn’t much innovation compared to other professional massage guns from other brands. It is still too expensive compared to its competitors, plus Therabody still can’t figure out how to solve the noise problem.

However, from a value for money standpoint, the Theragun Pro is not the best choice in our opinion. It may have a strength meter and Bluetooth, and it may also be the only device you can personalize with a personal engraving (for $ 50), but our tips below will give you the right guidance on how to best spend your money if you are looking for a massage gun that suits you.

The best alternative massage guns to Theragun Pro

Urikar AT1

The Urikar AT1 massage gun was designed to look like the Theragun Pro. However, it not only looks like the Pro, it also performs like it if not better.

Speaking of performance, the AT1 has the same width of 16mm and equals the Theragun Pro even in terms of stall force, equal to 27kg. There is no way to stop this massage gun once it starts spinning.

The Urikar AT1 is a professional massage gun powered by a 65 Watt brushless motor capable of offering a treatment power up to  27 kg of stall force like the more famous Theragun Pro.

This gun can provide deep muscle massage, reaching up to 3600 percussions per minute, 1200 more revolutions than the Theragun Pro. It has adaptive speeds, smart sensors and comes with 6 different massage heads than the Theragun massage gun comes with. Pros: Flat head and “U” or fork head are available.

It has an ergonomic “D” shape similar to Theragun Pro, although in our review of the Urikar AT1 we highlighted some concerns about the second handle designed.

The noise is slightly lower than the Pro, but you can probably live with it given its performance and technical characteristics.

Finally, the Urikar AT1 is also equipped with a non-removable 2600 mAh battery, but with a full charge, it can work for 5-7 hours depending on how you use it.

Urikar AT1 technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 27
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussivo (rpm) 1200/3800
Speed 8
Noise (dB) 55-69
Heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2600
Weight kg) 1,3
Dimensions (cm) 27 x 25 x 10
Material Aluminum
Diet Cable
Screen HD LCD touchscreen
PRO High percussive amplitude
Unique design
Recognition of the massage head
Battery and energy saving functionality
AGAINST Limitations of automatic mode
Slightly bulky
Price Check Price
Where to buy
You can buy it from the official Urikar website (which accepts Paypal and ships for free all over the world), plus by adding the SEPTEMBERAT1 coupon you can discount it by 40%  at checkout! 😉

Achedaway Pro

achedaway pro

The Achedaway Pro is a cheaper alternative that can still boast similar features to the Theragun Pro. It may not have the same triangular and multiple ergonomics (it’s more in the shape of a power drill ), but it packs some performance features to consider.

Just like the Theragun Pro, the Achedaway Pro has a width of 16 mm which guarantees a deep percussive therapeutic massage. The platter gets even richer because Achedaway Pro has 36 Kg of declared stall force, more powerful than what Theragun Pro offers.

The Achedaway Pro massage gun has an impressive stall force: 80 pounds (therefore about  36 kg ), much more than the more famous Theragun Pro, but, unlike the latter, it costs half.

The Achedaway Pro also offers more intensity with up to 2800 percussion per minute. It also has 5 built-in speeds.

No doubt Theragun may have a problem with noise on their devices but not Achedaway. The Pro device is super quiet. It is probably the quietest professional massage gun on the market today. It also has a powerful removable battery ( 3200 mAh ) which guarantees up to 4 hours on a single charge.

It also has a travel case included and comes with a 2-year warranty just like the Theragun Pro.

The Achedaway Pro also has a removable battery, but unlike the Theragun Pro, you will need to purchase a spare battery separately. Or buy the complete Achedaway Pro + Spare Battery package, using the discount code MGIT25.

See on

Achedaway Pro technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 36
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussivo (rpm) 1700/2800
Speed 5
Noise (dB) 40-60
Heads 4
Battery (mAh) 3200 removable
Weight kg) 1,2
Material Aluminum
Diet Cable
Warranty 2 years
PRO Powerful motor
Large percussive amplitude
Very quiet
Removable battery
AGAINST Slightly bulky and heavy
Price Check Price

Compex Fixx 2.0

Compex FIXX 2.0 is another cheaper alternative to the Theragun Pro massage gun.

The  Compex FIXX 2.0  is also an excellent alternative to the Theragun Pro professional massage gun.

It is very similar to the Pro both in the “D” shape and in the metallic blue circle on the outer edge of the Compex massage gun ( fancy take me away, really!).

In addition to this obvious similarity, the Compex FIXX 2.0 has the same percussive width of 16 mm as the Theragun Pro and is equipped with 5 speeds to exert the intense pressure necessary to relieve pain in the most difficult points in a safe and comfortable way.

Compex does not have a dedicated app and this is definitely a strong point of the Theragun Pro massage gun.

The  2 removable batteries and the included charging station allow you to recharge the battery while using your professional massage gun without the need to keep it connected to the power (as with the Theragun Pro).

On the other hand, the stall force of 20 kg is much lower, even if the width of 16 mm partially compensates for this deficiency: just press the device harder on the skin and the problem is solved. 😉

That said, if you don’t want to spend € 599 to buy Theragun Pro, the Compex Fixx 2.0 is a great cheaper alternative.


Compex Fixx 2.0 technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 20
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussive (rpm) 1000/3000
Speed 5
Noise (dB) 60-70
Massage heads 5
Battery (mAh) 2 x 2600 + charging station
Weight kg) 1,3
Material High-quality ABS plastic
Diet Cable
Warranty 2 years
PRO LED display
3-angle adjustable arm

2 batteries supplied
AGAINST Little stall force
Price Check Price


Here is our review of the Theragun Pro massage gun. The Pro is a great massage gun, but the fact that it’s the best massage gun from one of the top manufacturers means you should expect a lot more from this device.

In our opinion, for its price, it does not yet authoritatively claim its position as the King of percussion therapy devices. To begin with, they still can’t solve the noise problem. There are alternatives that are much quieter and still offer maximum performance, the Achedaway Pro or the Urikar AT1 are among our favorites.

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