Yaber Mini Massage Gun Reviews, Features and Price 2024

Yaber Mini Massage Gun is the best-handled massage gun at an affordable price. Yaber Massage Guns have got a good response from customers from all over the world. So today I’m going to write an article “Yaber Mini Massage Gun Reviews 2022” However you must keep in mind that it could not be the alternative to Theragun Mini Massage Gun in any way that I have already reviewed in my article.

Theragun Mini Massage Gun

The Yaber massage gun is a gun-shaped tool (called overseas “massage gun”) equipped with a handle and a pulsating head that moves back and forth for over 3000 pulses per minute, allowing you to carry out muscle relaxation massage sessions comfortably at home or at the gym.

The combination of vibrations and pulsations of the percussion massager acts on the muscles like a relaxing decontracting massage and allows you to gradually enter the deeper layers of the muscle fascia. Equipped with various interchangeable heads, and thanks to their great handling, the massage guns can be used effectively independently on any part of the body (neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet) to relieve pain and muscle contractures.

The percussive movement of the massage gun works because it has many similarities with the Swedish decontracting massage technique of tapotement  (the one performed by “tapping” with the side of the hand) which is known for its effect of stimulating the nervous system and eliminating muscle tension.

Whether it is to relieve muscle pain, gain flexibility, eliminate muscle contractures, warm up muscles, etc., using the Renpho massage gun will be a cure-all both before and after training, or simply to enjoy a simple decontracting massage.

Yaber massage gun: which one to choose?

Here we’ll discuss the following models of Yaber Mini Massage Guns :

  • Yaber Mini M3
  • Yaber Mini M4

Let us discuss these models of Yaber Massage Guns one by one.

Yaber Mini M3 Massage Gun Reviews

Among the best Mini massage guns, we cannot fail to mention the Yaber M3, a small, practical, robust, and suitable for any occasion muscle massage gun. Equipped with a 24V high-torque brushless motor capable of high performance the Yaber M3 massage gun can reach up to 3800 percussion/min, which surpasses most massage guns on the market and covers a wide range of massage needs. The 4 preset massage speeds ensure that you can choose the strength and speed of the vibration therapy treatment comfortably with a click:

Yaber Mini Massage Gun Reviews

  • Level 1 for pre-workout muscle warm-up (1700 rpm);
  • Level 2 for post-workout muscle relaxation (2400 rpm);
  • Level 3 for a deep decontracting massage (3100 rpm);
  • Level 4 for a high-intensity massage (3800 rpm).

Thanks to the exclusive latest generation Quiet Glide technology, the noise level of the Yaber M3 is only 35 dB, excellent for using it at home, on the road, or in the gym without disturbing anyone, effectively extending the life of the massage gun.

The Yaber M3 muscle massage gun weighs only 495g and is the smallest size of an iPhone X (135 * 85mm). Practical to handle and easy to use, you can put it in your bag or even your pocket and always carry it with you to work or travel.

Together with the practical carrying case you will find 4 massage heads to precisely massage different areas of the body, such as the neck, back, calf, leg, shoulder, etc. especially the ball head made of high-quality EVA material is solid but at the same time soft and comfortable to use.

The 2200 mAh battery can work continuously for up to 10 hours with a single full charge (the parent company recommends not using it during charging) thanks to the USB charger supplied in the package.

The Yaber M3 muscle massage gun is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum and has a minimal and trendy design. In addition to the build quality and robust body, the Yaber M3 massage gun has an elegant and refined silver color. It has a wide range of uses, both suitable for muscle relaxation after exercise and daily body massage, especially suitable for people who sit in the office for a long time.

Main Features of Yabber Mini M3 Massage Gun

  • 24V brushless motor
  • Tecnologia Quiet Glide
  • Percussion width: 10 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Noise: 35 dB
  • 4 massage heads
  • 4 speeds: 1770/3800 percussion/min
  • Power supply mode: USB

Cyber Mini M4 Massage Gun Reviews

The Yaber M4 massage gun, compared to the mini and M1 models, has been completely updated, among other things the excellent value for money like the other Yaber brand sisters, makes it one of the best-selling massage guns on Amazon. The unique timing function customizes the best massage time that is most suitable and specific to you. Use different massage durations for different muscle groups, target each muscle precisely, effectively relieve pain after exercise.

Yaber Mini Massage Gun Reviews

The Yaber M4’s 30W high torque brushless motor produces up to 3400 percussions per minute to reach tissue depths up to 12mm. It is perfect for aiding recovery, decreasing pain, and increasing range of motion by pleasantly beating muscles. Excellent heat dissipation performance extends the life of the motor and muscle massage gun by 40%.

This Yaber M4 muscle massage gun with noise suppression technology coupled with a silent 24V motor imported from Germany emits a noise level of <65dB. The smart chip developed by the Silicon Valley laboratory makes the massage gun start faster, can accurately record the massage time, and can process huge data records.

The battery consists of 4 Nos 2600 mAh lithium-ion batteries, with a 2-hour charge, the electric percussion massager has a duration of 8 hours or 20 minutes a day for 15 days. Usage time varies according to the set speed.

The ergonomic non-slip handle allows a firm and safe grip, the Yaber M4 massage gun uses nano silica gel developed by the Japanese research laboratory, absorbs sweat quickly, the silicone handle is soft and comfortable and prevents the gun from being massage slips away and guarantees complete control of the frequency and intensity of muscle treatment, even if it is not among the lightest massage guns.

The ability to adjust the speed is facilitated by the intuitive mechanism of the touchscreen buttons combined with the clarity of the LCD display which in this version not only shows the program in use but also the battery life, the remaining time and the treatment speed. There is a power on / off, speed change control button on the LCD screen. You can easily adjust 30 massage speeds to your preference. Easy to know the battery charge and speed status from the screen.

Main Features of Yaber Mini M4 Massage Gun

  • Motore brushless 34 W
  • Tecnologia Quiet Glide
  • Percussion width: 12 mm
  • Noise: 65 dB
  • Non-slip handle
  • 5 massage heads
  • 3 speeds: 1750/3400 percussion/min
  • Heat dissipation technology
  • Power supply mode: USB

Does the Yaber Mini Massage Gun Work?

The answer is YES, the Yaber massage gun works. Several studies have shown that the decontracting massage and the percussive therapy of the muscle bands are the most effective methods for the prevention of delayed onset muscle pain (DOMS).

A 2014 study suggests that percussion therapy is an effective method of preventing DOMS, which means you are less likely to have muscle pain 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout.

Benefits of the Yaber Mini Massage Guns

The Yaber massage guns offer numerous benefits because it penetrates deeply into the muscle, offering a therapeutic advantage in treating deep muscle tissues and bands. This feature increases and facilitates oxygen distribution and blood circulation in the massaged area, consequently, post-workout cramps and pains ( DOMS ) will be reduced,  improving the body’s resilience.

  • Relax the  superficial and deep muscles
  • It improves circulation by  increasing blood  and lymphatic flow
  • Improve  muscle mobility and flexibility
  • Accelerates  muscle recovery and repair
  • Promotes  the elimination of lactic acid
  • Activates the nervous system and  warms up the muscles
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and  relieves pain
  • Helps  reduce stress by  relieving muscle tension
  • It reduces muscle stiffness  and helps regenerate scar tissue

The Yaber massage guns, like all electro-medical devices, cannot replace the advice of a professional or an osteopathic or physiotherapy treatment like Theragun Prime Massage Gun or Hypervolt Massage Gun.It is good to specify that the Urikar muscle massage gun must only be used on intact skin and on “healthy” muscles and areas of the body that do not have other problems. The benefits of the massage gun are the same as those obtained with a deep muscle massage session.The Yaber massage gun reduces muscle pain and contractures because it allows you to perform a deep and effective decontracting massage yourself at home, in the gym, or while watching TV.

Contraindications of the Yaber massage gun: when not needed

Of course, the Yaber massage gun also has contraindications, a device for muscle massage cannot be the panacea for all ills or solve all pains of different etiology (triggering causes). After talking about the effects and benefits of massage guns, it is time to describe their limits and contraindications.

I would like to reiterate that do-it-yourself and self-diagnosis are not always the best solution (unless you are a doctor or have specific skills): a check by a specialist is always recommended to understand if the use of the gun massager can do for us and when not needed.

In these cases a Urikar muscle massage gun should never be used without prior medical supervision :

  • recent trauma , better to wait for tissue repair and healing,
  • fractures
  • rhabdomyolysis
  • dermatitis or dermatosis  (due to the danger of irritation, relating to dermatitis and itchy dermatoses, and of contagion, relating to infectious dermatitis)
  • febrile processes, due to the possible increase in local temperature,
  • acute inflammatory processes  of traumatic, infectious, or allergic origin,
  • serious flebopatie  (flebiti tromboflebiti O)
  • heart failure with edema in the lower limbs  (edema of a secondary nature),
  • pathologies of the central nervous system (CNS) with spastic evolution (in reality, more correctly this contraindication is to be referred only to certain manual skills, in particular, those that involve an increase in muscle tone),
  • severe necrosis , due to the danger of excess elimination of protein substances,
  • tumors, neoplasms  (due to the supposed but not proven danger of the lymphatic spread of metastases).

How to use a Yaber Massage gun

It is very simple to use a  Yaber muscle massage gun :

  • Adapt the appropriate head to the part of the body you want to massage by disassembling the built-in one and positioning the new one by gripping the handle of the massage gun.
  • Press the power button and program the most appropriate operating level for the area to be treated.
  • Bring the head closer to the skin, keeping the muscle massage gun at a percussion or vibration distance depending on the model in question. Massage the body area effectively and apply the right pressure.
  • After using the muscle massage gun for a few minutes,  simply remove it to lower the operating levels so that the motor runs slower until it reaches first gear and then turns off the device to finish the massage.
  • It is important to store it in its box or travel bag taking care to handle it correctly.

Types of massage heads

Each Yaber massage gun comes with interchangeable massage heads in the lower part of the muscle area that you want to involve in the decontracting muscle treatment. Each massage head has different characteristics to adapt to different muscle areas:

  • Double ball head: useful for stimulating the muscle tissue of the neck, spine, lumbar part of the back, and hips.
  • Round head: useful for muscle relaxation both before and after an exercise, especially the abdomen, buttocks, and legs.
  • U-shaped head : useful for relaxing bilateral muscles, those of the spine and shoulders.
  • Mushroom head : useful for the involvement of internal and external muscles of the abdomen, chest and legs.
  • Conical head : useful for the involvement of the muscles of the soles of the feet, palms, the Achilles tendon, etc.

Yaber Mini Massage Gun Reviews

These are just two of the Yaber massage gun models I have selected for you!

I update my website Kraftgun Reviews daily with the best massage guns on the market, to help you choose the best massage gun that suits your needs.

Technical characteristics of the Yaber Mini massage gun

Compared to other muscle massage guns on the market, a Yaber massage gun differs in specific features that are hard to find in other massage gun models of the same level:

  • Reduced noise thanks to the intelligent Quiet Glide noise reduction technology
  • Heat dissipation device
  • Display HD Touchscreen (Yaber M4)

If you believe that these figures are out of your budget, do not worry: I have selected for you the best massage guns divided by price range and features, read my article on the best massage guns of 2022.

The best massage guns of 2022

If you want to know how to choose the best massage gun for you or discover the best massage guns of 2022 you are in the right place! In this article, I will tell you about the best massage guns on the market and how to choose the best massage gun that best suits your needs. The growing popularity of massage guns has made …

Massage Gun Offers and Discount Codes

Sometimes the various e-commerce such as Amazon, eBay, or the major Chinese stores inserts flash offers on massage guns that allow you to save up to 50% on the initial price.

Unfortunately, these are timed offers and if you are not quick to take advantage of them or you are not lucky enough to be on that store at that particular moment in which the offer is active, you miss the opportunity to buy your massage gun on offer.


I hope I have helped you to extricate yourself in the world of massage guns and in particular of the Yaber massage gun, a mid-range percussion device that is very similar in characteristics to the TOLOCO Massage Gun and Mebak M3 Massage Gun, excellent for both sportsmen (amateur and non), and for those who want to indulge in a decontracting or relaxing massage at home using one of the best price-quality massage guns on the market.

The Yaber massage gun is a great device, but it cannot replace the work of a physiotherapist or osteopath to solve muscle pain, so if you suffer from back pain, neck pain, or joint pain.

That’s all for this article. If you have any doubts or questions write them in the comments or mail me at my personal mail ID [email protected], but if you liked and appreciated my work let me know by leaving a like and sharing it on your social networks or send it to those who might need this information. Thanks a lot.

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