Theragun Elite Massage Gun Reviews 2022


The Theragun Elite is perfect for anyone who wants to get professional-quality massages at home or on the go without having to pay an arm and a leg like you would with other high-end brands. You can use it anywhere from your office chair to your car seat with ease! And if you need more than one person using it at once then no problem because there are two different modes available – single-user mode and dual user mode!

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Theragun Elite Massage Gun Reviews 2022

I think telework and exercise are what you want to achieve at the same time.

However, this is quite difficult. Many people are already sick after work and are not willing to exercise.

I haven’t even touched on the “Ring Fit Adventure” that I had a hard time getting. I’m motivated but I can’t move … I’m disappointed with myself who can’t.

However, I came across a gadget that would improve that situation. That is the percussive therapy device ” THERAGUN “. This gun is much better than the Kraftgun Massage Gun.

I’ve been using it for about a week, and it’s quite relaxing. I find it to be the most comfortable, effective, and cost-effective item for home training and self-massage.

What is the percussive therapy device “THERAGUN”?

“THERAGUN” has a unique shape like a DIY tool rather than a massage machine. Some people may not know what to do from the unfamiliar word percussive device.

First, a percussive device is a device that works on soft tissues such as muscles. Simply put, it relieves muscles tired from exercise and work.

THERAGUN’s percussive therapy has the following three features.

(1) Swing width

The unique 16mm swing width delivers vibration to deep muscles (16mm for Theragun Elite, 12mm for Theragun mini).

(2) Frequency

It vibrates up to 2400 times per minute (40 times per second) to achieve the effect without excessive skin irritation.

(3) Torque (force)

Achieve continuous pressurization and deliver to the required part (Theragun Elite is about 18 kg, Theragun mini is about 9 kg).

It is said that it is good to use it according to your physical needs based on the three stages beforeduringand after exercise and work.

The unique triangle multi-grip design allows you to comfortably use the device on your arm. By changing the part to be held, it is possible to stimulate not only the arms and legs but also the shouldershipsback, and scapula.

I immediately tried using “Theragun Elite”

This time, I used two, the ” Theragun Elite ” that can be connected to the “Therabody app” of the smartphone app via Bluetooth, and the ” Theragun mini ” that is convenient to carry.

This time, we will focus on the “Theragun Elite”, which was particularly easy to use.

Theragun Elite can adjust the rate of vibration from 1750 to 2400 times per minute. The first impression I had was that it hurts.

As a sensation, let’s express it as a feeling that Kenshiro’s straight fist thrust of “Fist of the North Star” with a sponge attached to his fingertips is struck head-on. It’s quite a shock.

However, my body quickly got used to it, and when I crawl on my stiff neck and hips, and my calf, which always feels dull, I felt indescribable comfort.

Vibration is transmitted not only to the part you are hitting but also to the surrounding area, making your whole body feel fluffy and your feet fluffy.

The next morning after using it for the first time, I woke up with an unusual dullness. The fatigue disappeared immediately and my body became lighter, so I interpret it as a positive reaction.

Since then, I’ve been using it right after waking up, between work, before going to bed, and throughout the day, but I don’t feel any pain or dullness.

Favorite usage and felt effects

Since THERAGUN is not a medical device, it cannot be stated that it is “effective for xx”. However, when I actually used it, there were many benefits to my body, and I felt the effects.

Loosen your shoulders and hips between work

Does your shoulder and lower back hurt when you work with a computer? Especially in the case of laptops, the angle of the screen does not match the line of sight, so it tends to be stooped and unknowingly puts a load on the upper body.

It’s not uncommon for the shoulders to curl up inside, and when you notice it, it’s squeaky from the neck to the shoulders and upper arms.

The Therabody app has a 4-minute routine called ” Telework ” that effectively approaches the fatigue that tends to occur in your home office.

When I can refresh myself, my work gets faster, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time at my desk. Also, if I refresh my body regularly, I feel that there is a difference in the feeling of fatigue that appears at night.

Use the “after waking up” app to wake up

If you don’t have enough sleep, or if you can’t get tired after sleeping, many people will survive with coffee or energy drinks.

As with me, more effective was the awakening massage using the Therabody app “After Awakening”.

By physically approaching the vague head of waking up from the outside, the brain becomes crisp in a blink of an eye.

Say goodbye to the days of dragging a heavy body and standing in the kitchen to make coffee, whipping on a cat’s tongue and pouring hot coffee, and spending a daze until caffeine is effective.

Full body massage after bathing

I take a bath with Epsom salt (magnesium) in hopes of relieving coldness and removing swelling. After using Epsom Salt, I feel moderately sluggish and can sleep well, but when combined with a full-body massage using THE RAGUN, blood circulation seems to be promoted to plus alpha, and I feel that it is very relaxing. increase.

I want to exercise because my body gets lighter

Before using THERAGUN, it was normal for my shoulders and lower back to hurt in the afternoon. However, I feel that I have stretched even a little, so I loosen it with THE RAGUN, so my body is always light and my shoulders are kept soft. If you stay light after work, you will be motivated to exercise.

Also, even if you exercise before work, if you can recover from fatigue properly after exercising, it seems unlikely that you will be too tired during work to concentrate.

THE RAGUN has a high-cost performance

THERAGUN is 49,500 yen (tax included) for Theragun Elite and 25,300 yen (tax included) for Theragun mini, so it is not a cheap device. Moreover, the movement is only up and down movement, and there are no variations such as kneading, loosening, and tapping like a massage chair.

However, I feel that THE RAGUN is a high-cost product compared to many massage devices.

The reason is that you can massage and loosen the whole body with this one. Thanks to the triangle multi-grip design, Theragun Elite can be held in different locations to reach the center of the back of the shoulder blades.

In addition to crawling the whole body, you can also focus on the areas of concern to apply vibrations, stimulate in a circular motion, and massage along or across muscles.

In other words, you can take care of yourself, not relying on the machine.

Moreover, since one unit can be used for the whole body, there is no need to purchase multiple specialized massage machines such as legs, arms, and back.

It’s a portable size, so you can reuse it with your family.

In the case of massage, how much time and money will it take to meet your favorite masseuse? With THERAGUN, you can take full-body self-care from morning to night.

As a personal trainer is always standby, such as me ” THERAGUN “. This product is highly recommended for people who want to improve their work performance.

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