Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Make money without investment

If Amazon Private Labeling seems geared toward those with financial means, what options exist for individuals lacking funds? Given that not everyone can afford to embark on Amazon PL ventures, it’s essential to have accessible opportunities. In such circumstances, Amazon offers an alternative avenue called ‘Amazon Affiliate Marketing,’ also known as the ‘Amazon Associate Program.’ This allows individuals to commence work without the need for upfront investments.

What is Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Associate Program?

If you lack the funds to open a shop, worry not; Amazon provides an alternative opportunity to become their agent, promoting and selling their products. In return, Amazon compensates you with a commission for each sale, which can range from 2%, 8%, to 10%, depending on the product category. This commission structure varies across different items, such as beauty products or sports equipment.

Amazon operates as a marketplace where individuals own shops, and the platform aids in advertising these shops to facilitate sales. By bringing in customers and boosting sales, you contribute to Amazon’s advertising efforts, and as you generate sales, Amazon rewards you with commissions as a sales agent. The best part is that you don’t need to invest any money.

Your role involves selecting a product from the multitude available on Amazon, selling it, and earning a commission. There’s no need to manage inventory, make purchases, or pay any fees to Amazon. Your sole focus is on selling their products and receiving commissions in return.

To get started, visit and sign up for their associate program. If you can’t find the link on the site, a Google search for “Amazon Associate Program” will lead you to the signup page. Upon registration, ensure that your credentials are accurate and genuine, including your address, postal code, and contact details. You’ll even need to provide a valid mobile number for verification purposes. Once you enter the verification code sent to your mobile, your Amazon Affiliate Marketing account will be successfully created.

How Affiliate Marketing works?

Once you’ve set up your affiliate account, Amazon prompts you to choose the product you wish to promote. Once you’ve made your selection, such as opting for a popular product like a blue pen, you add relevant keywords. You have the autonomy to choose a product you believe will sell well, and after making your selection, Amazon provides you with a link available in three formats: simple text, image, and banner. These can be displayed on your website.

When a purchase is made by someone clicking on your provided link, the associated commission automatically gets credited to your account. There’s no need to manually report your sales to Amazon; the system seamlessly handles the tracking and commission allocation process.

How to advertise?

Advertising can be undertaken through various approaches. Individuals often establish their own websites or blogs and share links there. As traffic builds up, users click on these links, directing them to platforms like Amazon for purchases. The resulting sales through these links earn individuals a commission.

Another avenue involves setting up shops on Facebook and promoting the associated links. Customers utilize these links for purchases, and advertisers benefit from commissions. Various methods exist, some cost-free, while others require financial investment. For instance, a popular Facebook shop may garner organic traffic without additional spending, leveraging the established social profile’s popularity or SEO-driven traffic.

On the contrary, if one lacks a website or a social media presence with limited engagement, relying solely on organic growth may prove challenging. In such cases, paid marketing becomes essential. Through techniques like Facebook marketing and ad campaigns, advertisers target specific audiences interested in their products. This strategic social media marketing approach showcases products to potential buyers, encouraging them to click on the provided link and generate commissions for the advertiser.

What are we going to sell?

We need to assess what we are selling. For instance, if you market a $10 product and Amazon offers a 2% commission on that, the earnings may only amount to a few cents. Is this advantageous for you? However, keep in mind that the $10 product could lead to numerous sales. On the flip side, if you decide to promote a high-ticket item like a Sony camera and initiate sales from the Sony camera list, there might be no sales in the first, second, or third week. Yet, if you manage to sell two units in a month, a substantial commission will be credited to your account.

Selling a pricier item often results in a decent percentage from the sale. The key is not limited to selling just one product; you can create 1000 links and sell 1000 products, earning a commission for each sale. If you own a website with diverse traffic, featuring multiple products can be advantageous, increasing your chances of making sales.

Diversify your offerings beyond a single product, encompassing all items within a specific niche. For instance, if your focus is on cameras or batteries, the traffic directed to your website is inherently interested in these products. A website specializing in cameras won’t attempt to sell herbal products or medicine because visitors are there to purchase electronics items.

Another crucial consideration is selecting products with ongoing promotions. Items with active promotions are generally easier to sell, as you can incorporate enticing details like a 40% flat discount in your advertisements. Such discounts attract potential buyers, and when they find the same offer on the product listing, the likelihood of conversion significantly rises. Capitalizing on special promotions makes selling and earning commissions more straightforward.

Sell some services

Amazon offers numerous subscription options. Selling subscriptions is advantageous because they renew monthly, ensuring you receive a commission with each renewal. In contrast, a camera is a one-time purchase, and the buyer won’t make the same purchase the following month. Selling 10-12 subscriptions translates to a consistent commission stream, as these individuals typically renew their subscriptions monthly.


These helpful suggestions are all connected to your skill set, requiring no financial investment. The only potential expenditure might be on your website or the amount spent on advertising the link. There’s no need to purchase inventory, incur losses, or focus on improving product rankings from the 30th to the 1st page. The Amazon Associate Program offers the flexibility to promote easily sellable top-brand products.

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