What is the Best Mini Projector (Pico Projector)? Comparison and Opinion

the Best Mini Projector
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Do you want to watch your photos and videos on a large screen from your phone or your computer, no matter the circumstances? Do you want to be able to watch your favorite series when you are at a friend’s house or on the go? The pico projector is undoubtedly the best alternative. Fairly compact and light, easy to bring, the mini video projector is able to broadcast a large image (one meter to two meters diagonally) from a mobile phone or a PC, connected by a cable or the Wi-Fi system. depending on the models, you will be able to enjoy many different options.

Comparative table of Mini projector / Pico projector

ASUS ZenBeam E1 carASUS ZenBeam E1 150 lumens 854×480 DLP 110x29x83
Viewsonic M1 avisViewsonic M1 250 lumens 854×480 DLP 146x126x40
Acer C200 reviewsAcer C200 200 lumens 854×480 DLP 110x120x30
Philips NeoPix Ultra reviewshilips NeoPix Ultra 4200 Lumens 1920×1080 DLP 315x120x235
About 100 minutes agoOTHA 100 ANSI 854×480 DLP 15,8 x 8 x1,8 cm
otha v5 pico avisOTHA V5 600 ANSI 1280×800 DLP 19 x 12 x 4 cm
yaber mini avisYaber Mini 4500 Lumens 1280×720 DLP 21,8 x 16 x 6,5 cm
Artlii Mana avisArtlii Mana 854×480 DLP 11 x 9,8 x 3,8 cm
vamvo 720p reviewsVamvo 720p 4000 Lumens 1920×720 LED 24,4 x 16,5 x 7,8 cm
XGIMI MOGO Video projector avisXGIMI MOGO 210 ANSI 960×540 LED 10,5 x 9,4 x 14,6 cm
artlii mini reviewMini Art 320×240 LED 12,4 x 8,3 x 4,6

Selection of the best mini video projectors: our Top 10

In the jungle of projectors, it is not always easy to make the right choice. On the market, there are many models each offering advantages and disadvantages. To help you, we have made a comparison of the best products available on the market for you. You will undoubtedly find your favorite.

1. ASUS ZenBeam E1

ASUS ZenBeam E1

With an output definition of 854 × 480 pixels , LED technology and a 0.2 inch DLP the ASUS ZenBeam E1 is an excellent short throw pico projector. With a template of 110x29x83mm and only 307 grams it still sends 150 lumens with a contrast of 800/1. 150 lumens is not much but the triple size / quality / price ratio is undeniable because it is able to project a 120-inch image.

Despite its featherweight it has an autonomy of 5 hours in operation, thanks to its built-in 6000mAh battery , on the other hand, not possible to read a file via a USB key, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi … an honorable power of the built-in speaker, a very good finish, the ZenBeam E1 comes with an imitation leather carrying case with an opening for the charging socket or the USB charging of your phone for example. Where this pico projector stands out from many of its competitors, it is with the automatic image alignment system, the auto-keystone.


  • The most compact and light
  • Autonomy
  • 120 inch image
  • Automatic alignment

The lessers

  • no Bluetooh or Wi-Fi
  • limited ergonomics

2. Viewsonic M1

Viewsonic M1

Awarded for its design and ergonomics , the Viewsonic M1 is a large pico projector, due to its size many qualities will stand out. With a 0.2-inch projection chip, a resolution of 845 × 480 pixels and a projection source via LED, its 750 gram size allows it to go up to 250 lumens with an extraordinary contrast of 120,000/1 . The image is so sharp that we can see the units (pixels) of the matrix and this ultimately makes it a weak point.

This short throw pico projector has not yet revealed everything, a real “sound system” from Harmann – Kardon offers an immersive sound envelope of such quality that an option even allows you to turn off the projection and continue the sound. reading. Connectivity is not left out, USB-C, USB-A, HMDI, micro-sd reader and a jack. One more notable point, the Viewsonic M1’s cooling is rather quiet in operation. It is also equipped with automatic alignment, a protection system, if your eyes enter the projection field, the LEDs automatically turn off.


  • Excellent quality
  • High-end sound
  • 250 lumens
  • Connectivity

The lessers

  • A little expensive
  • The weight

3. Acer C200

Acer C200

The small Acer C200 is equipped with a 0.3 inch DLP chip , larger than many competing pico projectors, offers a very good contrast ratio of 2000/1 and a brightness of 200 lumens, USB, jack and HDMI only, the built-in battery provides 4 hours of battery life and it is very inexpensive . It’s the low-cost model that doesn’t sacrifice quality. The wi-fi connection is possible via an optional module. The Acer C200 is very compact and light with only 350 grams! We go back to a finish a little tight, in particular at the level of the focus wheel which seems capricious. It remains the right solution at a low price and is easy to use.

Finally, when you change the parameters via the menu, a high brightness mode allows use in daylight, to the detriment of the aesthetics of the image. In another case, if the penumbra is not sufficient, you can take advantage of the high contrast ratio, fully it allows a sort of impression of luminosity. Be careful though, it must be completely parallel to the projection surface. Manual image alignment is vertical only.


  • the price
  • contrast and brightness

The lessers

  • no wi-fi without optional module
  • limited connectivity
  • no speaker

4. Philips NeoPix Ultra

Philips NeoPix Ultra

The Philips NeoPix Ultra projector does not have a battery, it is classified in the category of classic video projectors, yet it is very compact and easily transportable. It is not just for that that it integrates the classification, indeed, it is frankly cheap considering its capacities. In terms of price, it beats a good number of pico projectors and offers much better characteristics in terms of connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 16gb of built-in memory ! With 4200 lumens , it also offers a Full HD output resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, we are far from FWVGA …

The sound of stereo speakers benefits from a powerful surround mode, the Philips NeoPix Ultra combines this advantage of pico projectors that is the wide focal length, it does not need to be far from the projection surface, and advantages of a conventional projector such as light output. It projects a 120-inch screen, benefits from wifi mirroring and the bluetooth connection is very useful, both for external devices or to use your own wireless speakers.


  • You want Full HD
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • Very bright

The lessers

  • Mains outlet only
  • 2.4 Kg anyway

5: OTHA, Android 7.1 compatibility

otha pico 100 ansi

Features & Reviews

This model measures 15.8 x 8 x 1.8 centimeters and weighs only 280 grams. It displays a brightness of 100 ANSI Lumens and is compatible with Android 7.1 . It works on DLP technology and allows you to project High Definition images on a format of up to 120 inches. It works through a Li-On battery of 4200 mAh, which still leaves you the possibility of watching a movie for two hours. It gets speakers, but you can hook up your own. It has all the necessary connectivity and can be connected through Wi-Fi . Finally, the device offers a trapezoidal grinding tool vertical of plus or minus forty-five degrees which operates automatically as well as a function for the projection of angle shifted to one hundred percent.

The dimensions are really reduced, which allows it to be installed where you want it. It is sold with a remote control essential for use. The rectification of the trapezoid is really relevant. The quality seems satisfactory, but it is not necessarily equivalent to a home cinema projector. It will be ideal for installation in a room in particular.


  • Satisfactory quality.
  • Light noise, little disturbing.
  • Compatibility.

The lessers

  • Low resolution.
  • The sharpness is complicated to adjust with the dial.

6: OTHA V5, resolution 4K

otha v5 pico

Features & Reviews

This equipment measures 19 x 12 x 4 centimeters. It boasts a brightness of 600 ANSI Lumens , a contrast ratio of 2000: 1 and a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels . It works with the DLP system and uses OSRAM LED lamps with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. As for the connection, it is compatible with the bluetooth system . It also has an HDMI port and two USB ports. As for the focal length, a distance of two to three meters is ideal for a good quality rendering. It also takes into account the automatic forty-degree trapezoidal distortion rectification system. In addition, you have the option of hanging it from the ceiling.

This device is excellent, as far as definition is concerned . Indeed, it is the native High Definition. The rendering is sharp and the blacks are deep. The Bluetooth system as well as the Wi-Fi work ideally. On the other hand, the brightness is not ideal, but this is composed by a sound rendering more than exploitable. In short, this is a product that is worth it despite a price that is not very affordable for everyone.


  • Nice picture quality.
  • Sound rendering.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Little noisy.

The lessers

  • Lack of light.

7: Yaber, best cheap product

yaber mini

Features & Reviews

This projector uses LCD technology to provide you with an image quality of 4500 Lumens and a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It uses an LED lamp which consumes very little power. Regarding the connection, you will have everything you need: two HDMI ports, two USB ports, an AV port and another VGA. As for the projection distance, it varies from 1.5 to 3.5 meters for a screen with a size of fifty to two hundred inches. There is no zoom function. On the other hand, you will benefit from a vertical keystone correction of plus or minus fifteen degrees. Finally, this model has stereo speakers of three Watts associated with an SRS audio system.

The price of this equipment is really attractive . The resolution is 720 pixels, but can grow up to 1080 pixels with Blu-ray content. The quality of the materials used is at the rendezvous. You can adjust the language, colors, projection dimensions and many other things. For the price, this product has a very good quality / price ratio.


  • Color loyalty.
  • Reading USB keys.
  • Can be hung from the ceiling.
  • Its satisfactory.

The lessers

  • Fan noise.

8 : Artlii Mana, compatible iOS, Android et HDMI

artlii mana

Features & Reviews

This projector boasts a brightness of 50 ANSI Lumens , a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a native resolution of 480 pixels. It uses DCL technology and offers great connectivity. Everything you need to connect the majority of your peripherals. In addition, it is compatible through Airplay or Miracast system to exchange with Android or iOS devices. It offers a screen of twenty to one hundred and twenty inches and offers a short focal length with a distance to respect of 0.5 to three meters. In addition, it incorporates a powerful batteryallowing up to three hours of battery life. Finally, the automatic keystone distortion correction allows you to automatically adjust the projected image, up to forty degrees.

In addition to being really compact and therefore easily transportable, this device is sold with a tripod and a protective cover. The battery it integrates remains really relevant, it even offers the possibility of charging other equipment. The image quality is there, even if it displays 480 pixels, it is satisfactory for viewing a series. On the other hand, it will not be suitable for professional use. Rather silent, the Wi-Fi connection is used to easily share content.


  • Quality / price ratio.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Battery quality.
  • Visual rendering.

The lessers

  • Remote control not very ergonomic.
  • Lack of fluidity.

9: Vamvo, almost HD quality

vamvo 720p

Features & Reviews

This small projector is professionally crafted as High Definition equipment and is therefore perfect for entertaining in your living room. It has an LED bulb that provides a good brightness of 4000 Lumens . With a resolution of 720 pixels and a contrast of 2000: 1, this product offers good picture quality. This device has many ports including HDMI, USB, Audio out as well as AV. It can be connected to your smartphone, your console or your computer. It can display a screen forty-four to two hundred inches from a distance of five feet to four feet. No zoom function is available on this device.

This model has all the necessary functions: LED display, silent operation, several equipment including a bag and many other strengths. You will not have problems to get it to work through the HDMI cable. Focusing is easily done through the huge rings around the lens. However, you will not be able to adjust the dimensions of the image. We recommend that you use it as multimedia rather than professional.


  • Product reactivity.
  • Very good contrast.

The lessers

  • Lack of screen size settings.
  • Slight blur on the sides.

10: XGIMI MOGO, extended connectivity

Xgimi mogo video projector

Features & Reviews

This model displays a brightness of 210 ANSI Lumens as well as a native resolution of 540 pixels . Using the Android 9.0 operating system, you will be able to download the applications of your choice. The exclusive tool of this equipment is automatic and instantaneous focusing at nearly ten thousand points. The rectification of the trapezoid beyond forty degrees allows a projection on the ceiling in a lateral manner. Connectivity is substantial since you can use your laptop, smartphone or even a USB key. The options are numerous in order to allow a flawless use.

This projector is practical and well made . It is compact and can be installed anywhere you want. Easy to install , you will enjoy watching movies and series from your device. Apart from a few imperfections (resolution of 540 pixels, brightness), the product has a good quality / price ratio .


  • Image quality.
  • Sound rendering.
  • Quiet equipment.

The lessers

  • Netflix does not work from the store.

Artlii, LED equipment with remote control

mini artlii

Features & Reviews

This compact projector has a screen width of 60 inches . Its weight is approximately 250 grams for a size of 12.4 x 8.3 x 4.6 centimeters. This product is compatible with various peripherals: mobile phones, desktop PCs and other peripherals. On the other hand, details that it can be powered through an external battery .

On the other hand, do not expect miracles on the video quality with only a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Let’s say that for this price, this mini-projector is more of a gadget that will serve as a cool gift idea. You will need total darkness to be able to enjoy good light. This small device is ideal for barroudeurs or to act as a video projector for children.


  • Quality / price ratio.
  • Minimalist appearance.
  • Remote control included.

The lessers

  • Can only be used in complete darkness.
  • Subtitles are not visible past five feet.

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