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the best DLP projector
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The advantages of a video projector are multiple, its essential advantage is the feeling of immersion and the fact of being in the very center of the action. However, for this purpose it is important to choose the equipment that best suits your needs. We have selected for you the best DLP projectors accessible to the general public. This technology aims to project an image through a light source which is then reflected on mirrors in order to restore the colors. It is the most popular and preferred equipment by movie buffs as well as gamers. Indeed, the image quality is ideal . Let’s discover a selection of products together.


Comparative table of DLP projectors

BenQ TK800MBenQ TK800M 4K 3000 10000:1 4.2kg
Acer VL7860Acer VL7860 4K 3000 1500000:1 8.5kg
BenQ W2700BenQ W2700 4K 2000 30000:1 4.2kg
BenQ W2000BenQ W2000 1080p 1800 10000:1 3.6kg
PODOOR dplPODOOR 1080p 3400 28000:1 3.9kg
Otpoma GT1080eOtpoma GT1080e 1080p 3000 25000:1 2.6kg
Optoma HD143XOptoma HD143X 1080p 3200 23000:1 3.06kg
BenQ W1090BenQ W1090 1080p 2000 10000:1 2.75kg
Optoma ML1050STOptoma ML1050ST 800p 1000 20000:1 0.42kg

The 10 best DLP projectors: our ranking

To help you choose from the multitude of products available on the market, we have compiled a list of ten products for you that are accessible to all budgets. Each of these products displays strengths as well as weaknesses, which may be compatible with your type of use. If your budget is less, you can also go to our comparison of cheap LCD projectors .

1: BenQ TK800M, stunning picture quality

BenQ TK800M

Features & Reviews

The Benq TK800M offers great picture quality through 4K UHD resolution . It embeds HDR technology to allow color reproduction as well as natural shades. Colors are vibrant no matter how bright the ambient light is. This allows you to use it as much at night as during the day. Regarding the appearance of the product, its aesthetic realization as well as its light and compact profile favor its easy assembly. In addition, the device has the zoom function and vertical keystone .

This is a qualitative technological equipment that will amaze you with its image quality. Indeed, the HDR is sublime when you play video games in particular. As for the speaker, it reproduces the audio sound as it should.


  • Quality of the restored image.
  • Satisfactory sound quality.
  • Great for gaming or watching a movie.

The lessers

  • Sound noise.

2: Acer VL7860, a brightness of 3000 ANSI Lumens

Acer VL7860 3000ANSI

Features & Reviews

This device displays a high brightness of 3000 ANSI Lumens , a very qualitative brightness on the market. Its native resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels , which allows for a very beautiful image. The Acer VL7860 uses a diode laser lamp with a lifespan of 20,000 hours. Regarding connectivity, it has two HDMI ports, a USB port, an Ethernet Lan port, two VGA ports. However, there is no DVI port. However, it is compatible with the Wi-Fi system , which allows many possibilities. This video projector offers an integrated speaker with a sound level of thirty decibels. Finally, there is also an optical zoom function 1.6x and focusing is done manually.

This equipment really offers quality brightness, which does not require you to be in the dark in order to watch the movie you want. Lightweight, versatile and excellent image quality, we can only advise you to purchase this product. In addition, you have the option of holding it to the ceiling.


  • Brightness.
  • Quality / price ratio.
  • Optical zoom function.
  • Versatile device.

The lessers

  • Rendered nasillard sound.
  • Zoom angle.

3: BenQ W2700, 10 Watts of stereo sound

BenQ W2700 DLP

Features & Reviews

This device displays a beautiful image quality through a 4K UHD resolution , that is to say 3840 x 2160 with 8.3 distinct megapixels in each image. It embeds many technologies including CinematicColor which allows loyalty to the original colors. You will be able to enjoy a qualitative audiovisual experience through the Cinema Master Video + and Audio + 2 systems , a technology signed by BenQ. It embeds ten Watt speakers that transform your living room into a real cinema room.

This equipment benefits from a well-crafted hull as well as complete connectivity . The zoom function , the Lens Shift as well as the automatic rectification of the vertical trapezoid make it possible to optimize its editing. You can view content from a USB flash drive. This device is therefore ideal for a movie night at your home through an image dynamic that can be complicated to match for this price.


  • Image quality.
  • La gestion HDR.
  • USB media player.
  • Le Lens-Shift vertical.

The lessers

  • Some latencies.
  • The poor quality firmware.

4: BenQ W2000, favorable price

Benq W2000

Features & Reviews

The BenQ W2000 boasts a brightness of 2000 ANSI Lumens , which is qualitative at this price point. Its resolution is 1080 pixels . You will be able to watch films in 3D since it is compatible. It has several connectors including two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one RS-232 port, one VGA port and more. However, it is not Wi-Fi compatible . It has two speakers, which produce a sound level of twenty-nine decibels . The keystone correction is done horizontally and vertically. Finally, the lamp life is 3500 hours.

The definition of the image is really qualitative. It will be more than sufficient for home use. The rendering is worthy of a cinema session. The speakers produce a satisfactory sound that will be suitable for most people. On the other hand, we regret not having the possibility of reading files from a USB key.


  • General image quality.
  • Numerous setting possibilities.
  • Possibility of hanging it from the ceiling.

The lessers

  • No Wi-Fi connection.
  • Tends to heat up.

5: PODOOR Mini Video Projector (DLP)

PODOOR Mini dlp video projector

Features & Reviews

The projector proposed here by PODOOR , soberly named the Mini, is more precisely a picoprojector . From its type and size (13.59 x 6.49 x 5.99 cm), it is obvious that you should not expect here something impressive , thought for the cinema or very powerful and precise. The purpose of such a projector is simply to be used as a backup for a meeting at work , for a YouTube session at home or to watch a game after dark in the garden with all lights off. Given the low noise emitted by the box, it is possible to use it at night, in bed, to fall asleep in front of an ASMR video, why not.

Nevertheless, he still has it in his stomach. Besides its very low definition (480p), the main strength of this picoprojector is that it can be used on battery . With an autonomy of 7200mAh, it is designed to operate continuously for 2 to 3 hours depending on the brightness chosen, among others. For a longer session, it is obviously possible to connect it directly via the charging port. Finally, the PODOOR Mini runs on Android and therefore offers direct downloads of applications such as YouTube, Twitch, etc. A remote control is supplied with the projector, precisely to control the content via the Android system.


  • A mini format
  • An affordable price
  • Battery operated
  • Android built-in

The lessers

  • Fairly light autonomy
  • The brightness a little tight (250 lumens)
  • Definition too low

6: Optoma HD31UST, ultra short throw

Optoma HD31UST

Features & Reviews

This product offers a Full HD resolution and a brightness of 3400 Lumens . It will therefore prove to be satisfactory for watching films as well as for video games. By means of a super short focal length , you won’t need to devote a room to its use. You just need to install it on a piece of furniture to get a hundred inch picture . Installation is easily done by rectifying the trapezoid horizontally and vertically. Finally, the connectivity is rather rich with two HDMI ports, two USB ports and an MHL port.

If you want to buy short throw equipment, this is the product for you. Indeed, the brightness is satisfactory even in the middle of the day, without being exceptional. The contrast is too. The picture quality is sublime when used on a 120 inch screen. The colors are correctly reproduced. The image rendering has been heavily worked on.


  • Short focal length.
  • Render the image.
  • Contrast.

The lessers

  • Noise generated.
  • Sound quality.

7: Optoma GT1080e, living room video projector

Optoma GT1080e

Features & Reviews

This equipment displays a resolution of 1080 pixels (1920 x 1080) and a brightness of 3000 ANSI Lumens , which is more than adequate for this price. The contrast is 25,000: 1 . It is equipped with speakers allowing a sound of ten Watts . Lamp life ranges from 5,000 to 6,500 hours, depending on how you use it. It has good connectivity: 2 HDMI ports which allow you to connect a box, a console or even a Blu-Ray player. This camera works on a short focal length , which greatly optimizes its installation.

If the dimensions of your room are limited, this device will ideally find its place in your home. Indeed, by means of a short focal length, it does not require much space . One meter will be enough to display a one hundred inch screen. The picture is good and the keystone correction works as it should. This equipment will be satisfactory if you want to watch a movie with the family. It is also suitable for gamers.


  • Short focal length.
  • Good connectivity.
  • Suitable for many uses.

The lessers

  • Low quality enclosure.

8: Optoma HD143X, very good contrast

Optoma HD143X

Features & Reviews

This product, still from the Optoma brand, displays a brightness of 3,200 Lumens . So, it’s not the most image-wise device on the market, but it does its job very well. The contrast, for its part, is 23,000: 1 . During use, it is not very disturbing since its noise level is 25 decibels when it is in energy saving mode. Lamp life is estimated at maximum 3,500 hours. When it comes to connectivity, this device has an HDMI portthat allows you to connect the device you want. On the other hand, the USB port is only used for the wireless power supply of the device. Even if this one also works by means of batteries. The projection ratio is between 1.47 and 1.62.

Reviews of this product are relatively positive. Indeed, being offered at a low price , its image quality is satisfactory. Even if we advise you to acquire the Darbee case to enjoy more details and clarity. The noise is not disturbing when you watch a movie or play a game. Finally, the sound is also satisfactory. Of course, you can add a home theater for more immersion.


  • Quality / price ratio.
  • Satisfactory image quality.
  • Little disturbing noise.
  • Contrast.

The lessers

  • Absence de Lens Shift.
  • Lack of short focal length.

9: BenQ W1090, suitable for sports

BenQ W1090

Features & Reviews

This equipment has a Sport mode . Indeed, combining the precise adjustment of colors with digital optimizations allowing realistic skin tones, this model will be ideal for watching matches. In addition, it has a Full HD definition of 1080 pixels with a brightness of 2000 ANSI Lumens . It also incorporates a ten watt speaker , which provides overall good sound quality. You have the option of playing audio files through a USB stick or hard drive. Finally, it has short throw technology , which allows it to display a wide screen of one hundred inches from only two and a half meters away.

The image offered by this device is of very good quality. The immersion effect is spectacular. Installation is simple, just plug it in, turn it on, zoom in and focus. You have the option of hanging it from the ceiling by means of a rotating support. The sound quality is good and you can still plug in a home theater. As for noise, it is acceptable and cannot be heard anymore when a series or a game is launched.


  • Brightness.
  • Colorimetry.
  • 3D function.
  • Optimized installation.
  • Fashion sport.

The lessers

  • The dust filter cannot be cleaned.
  • Remote control not always responsive.

10: Optoma ML1050ST, compact size

Optoma ML1050ST led

Features & Reviews

This model has been designed with a short focal length to allow greater flexibility in its use. It weighs 420 grams and sports a reduced appearance: 12.3 x 11.2 x 5.7 centimeters . For this last product we have chosen a short throw LCD projector . which is similar to a dlp. Therefore, its brightness is lower, but it remains a very good equipment. It has an integrated media playeras well as a USB port, which greatly limits the use of the computer. This equipment is appreciated for its small size. Indeed, it can be stored anywhere and requires only a small space with the screen since it is a short focal length. The connectivity is excellent and allows the use of many devices.


  • Connectivity.
  • Restricted size.
  • Short throw lens.

The lessers

  • Lack of light.

The essential brands of DLP projectors

There are brands specializing in video projectors such as BenQ or Optoma. But some large electronics companies also offer quality products. The choice of the company will depend mainly on your budget as well as your necessities.


The company is a real benchmark for video projectors of all kinds. Almost only DLP, the brand’s equipment takes pride of place in the first place of multiple comparisons. The company presents devices for professionals as well as for individuals . In order to better identify them, the models that can be used at home start with the letter “W”.


Professional in video projectors, the brand presents a wide range of LED devices as well as DLP. You will find products for limited budgets , but also high-end products . To identify them more easily, the company uses a code for the name of its products.


The leader in IT also offers video projectors aimed at both professionals and individuals . Without remaining a leading brand in this field, it nevertheless offers a wide range of equipment suitable for all budgets .

Complete DLP Projector Buying Guide, How To Choose?

The video projectors operating on the DLP system are largely in the market, far from LCD equipment. This system offers the possibility of enjoying a splendid sharpness and in particular a quality contrast for a price which remains accessible. However, in order to acquire a quality product, it is necessary to know how to choose it. Let’s find out in more detail.

How to use the DLP projector?

After removing the cover serving as protection for the lens and connecting your equipment to the mains or not, you can start it up. You can manage the height of the image by adjusting the movable feet as well as the zoom function if it has one. Once done, adjust the sharpness by moving the front lens ring. Compared to the brand you have selected, you will have many functions allowing adjustments such as contrast as well as brightness, colors, etc. However, be aware that most of the adjustments are automatic. So, simply connect your computer to the projector in order to access your files.

What are the criteria to take into account?

There are many criteria to take into consideration when purchasing such a product. In fact, depending on the product, the characteristics may change. Thus, we advise you to take an interest in the technology used for the lamp, the format and the resolution of the image, the brightness, the contrast, the different configurations accessible on the device or the connections. Now let’s find several essential points in choosing this product.

Format and resolution

Except if you want an office projector, prefer the 16: 9 format and a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in order to enjoy very good image quality. Of course, if your budget does not allow it, go for the resolution below.

The luminosity

Brightness translates to ANSI Lumens, which is light output. When a room is bright, the device should be bright. For movie night use, we recommend going for around 2000 lumens . It will satisfy you.

The connection

In order to enjoy full connectivity, your equipment must be connected to a content source. In this case, you can have access to a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or to a wired connection , an HDMI cable or a multimedia player installed on your equipment taking into account USB keys in particular. It must also be able to be connected to hi-fi equipment in order to enjoy a qualitative sound reproduction. For this connection, you can give preference to the RCA, the coaxial, optical or HDMI system or even the Bluetooth system.

Sound level

Conventional lamps tend to heat up and must necessarily be cooled by means of fans. It generates noise. So, if you want quiet equipment, opt for a variable sound level of twenty-five to thirty-five decibels . Some products have an “economy” mode allowing this level to be restricted.

Sound quality

These devices generally have one or more integrated speakers, but the quality and the power delivered are frequently insufficient for home cinema use. In order to enjoy quality sound, we recommend that you choose a dedicated audio product. You don’t have to buy a home theater , but a sound bar can be more than enough.

Why take a dlp projector?

The DLP projector can appeal to the most demanding people. Indeed, this technology offers a more consistent brightness than the other models of the same power as well as a much more qualitative level of contrast. Thus, it may be relevant to opt for a model of this kind if you want better image quality . As we said, the contrast but also the brightness are noticeably better than other technologies relating to projectors. They are easily transportable and easy to install products. They usually have a short focal length, which allows you to install them in a small room. Through this article, you have all the keys to find the equipment that will suit your needs. So go ahead and get started.

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