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Top 15 Muscle Massage Guns on Amazon

Top 15 Muscle Massage Guns on Amazon
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Take advantage of this opportunity to get hold of some of the most popular – and highest rated – muscle massage guns this year on Amazon at incredible prices.

  • Muscle massage guns have become one of the runners’ favorite gadgets for relaxing muscles after running for better recovery.
  • We have made a selection of the 15 muscle massage guns with the best opinions on amazon.

How many times have we heard that word but how few times do we apply it correctly? Resting is not about standing still, it is about optimizing downtime to recover as well as possible and then return to doing sports with more force, or with more speed, with more resistance. “If you do not have time to recharge, you can reach the stagnation and general apathy in training , ” said Bonnie Marks, Ph.D. in psychology and staff psychologist at NYU Sports Performance Center. Luckily every day there are more gadgets massage muscle that They help us to have a deeper rest and yes, a faster active recovery .

And is that rest days should be part of a runner’s life because they help regenerate the stress that occurs in the muscles when running and thus helps you prevent injuries by keeping overtraining at bay . Either doing low-impact exercises such as swimming, cycling or even yoga or Pilates classes, which will also help you stretch and gain flexibility. But they can also be combined with recovery devices that are gaining more and more popularity among runners, such as electrostimulators , muscle massage guns or the well-known foam roller.

In fact, there is a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in 2014 that showed that foam rolling after intense workouts relieves pain for the next two days. But it’s more because there are also studies on the benefits of muscle massage guns . As a 2019 study published in the Journal of International Medical Research concluded when they used this type of device immediately after training they reduced late-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

What is a muscle massage gun?

The guns muscle massage has quickly become one of the basic elements of recovery elite athletes , and faux and necessity of amateur athletes. The key is that through vibration, electrostimulation and different massage intensities, these muscle guns reach the deepest tissue of the muscles and thus relax the parts of the body most affected by stress or fatigue and make the muscle recovers sooner to return to training or to compete.

Theragun or Compex are some of the most famous brands, but other tech giants like Xaomi have also come out with their own version of the muscle massage gun . At Amazon we also find other interesting brands such as Abox or Phoenix that, with more competitive prices and very good opinions, are the preferred option of their customers. For this reason, we have made a selection of the 15 pistols with the most and best ratings to help you decide. In addition, with Black Friday just around the corner you can get hold of some of them with incredible discounts that you cannot miss if you want to get a better recovery and avoid suffering an injury.

1. Hoposo Muscle Massage Gun

This massage gun has become the highest and highest rated on Amazon. In fact, it has a note of 4.8 out of 5 with more than 2,000 evaluations. And it is not for less because all this is due to its technology. Positive reviews highlight its 30 power speeds, its different heads, its lightness and its value for money. On the other hand, those who are not happy with this model are that they find it uncomfortable to use it because of its weight (it is around 1 kg).

2. RENPHO Massage Gun

It is another of the muscle massage guns that has managed to achieve a note of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon. And it has earned it thanks to its simple usability, its quality materials and its effectiveness after intense training. In fact, it ensures a deep and silent massage thanks to its 5 speeds and different heads.

It is not one of the cheapest, but that has not been a reason to be one of the most and best valued on Amazon. Amazon users have fallen in love with this model for its high quality, its easy use and that it is completely silent. It has up to 3 speed levels of 3,200 RPM, a long-lasting battery, 6 different heads and is designed with resistant materials to extend its durability.

4. ABOX Muscle Massage Gun

The 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon with almost 900 reviews makes the  ABOX Muscle Massage Gun  the queen of the category. The good opinions highlight its price, the four replaceable massage heads, the different intensity levels and that it is very quiet. The bad news, that the power is not the desired one for certain types of injuries (the specialist better, of course).

5. RENPHO Muscle Massage Gun

It has a design that is nothing like a classic muscle massage gun, but draws that silhouette to reach some of the most difficult areas of the body. Its comfort is not the only reason it is on this list, but also because of its ergonomics. Most Amazon buyers highlight its power to massage and relax any part of the muscle. In addition, its value for money although it is not the cheapest, of course.

6. OxaOxe Muscle Massage Gun

The third in contention, both in price, design, and popularity on Amazon is the  OxaOxe muscle massage gun .

30 adjustable levels, 7 heads and great autonomy make it the preferred option for muscle recovery for a good number of Amazon customers.

Phoenix is ​​one of the most internationally recognized brands in muscle massage guns and its latest launch, the Phoenix a2 , is slowly gaining strength at Amazon.

Good grip, high power and easy to use, the highlights.

8. ESSEASON Muscle Massage Gun

The best price and therefore one of the best sellers on Amazon, with 4.5 out of 5 in opinions, especially because its battery lasts a long time, it is easy to use and its 6 heads adapt to different treatments.

9. EKUPUZ Muscle Massage Gun

The Ekepuz massage gun has Amazon buyers totally devoted to its technology. In addition, it is revealed as one of the best to take with you on a trip due to its lightness and the case that accompanies it.

10. ACTION Muscle Massage Gun

One of the cheapest and with very good references, the  Action muscle massage gun is gaining followers not only for its price, but also for the relaxation work it does on parts of the body that suffer from stress or fatigue.

Silent and with a battery, if you are one of those who estimate value for money, a fantastic option.

10. FYLINA Muscle Massage Gun

With 80% positive evaluations, this muscle massage gun slides into this list thanks to its easy handling, 6 hours of battery life, its powerful and totally silent massage and “great quality”, says a user who adds that “the device has 20 very useful massage levels. It is very good value for money. It is well worth it. ”

12. Theragun Elite Muscle Massage Gun

The most famous muscle massage gun in the world is the Theragun Elite . Designed for percussion therapy aimed at relieving muscle tension, it has become known for caring for the muscles of top sports stars. The price, of course, also elite.

13. Compex Muscle Massage Gun

The  Compex FIXX 1.0 muscle massage gun  has become very popular with elite athletes and amateurs.

With a very characteristic ergonomic design and a very light weight, it achieves great stimulation and becomes a great ally for physical recovery.

14. Addsfit Muscle Massage Gun

With five different heads and close to 1,000 opinions -more than 70% positive-, this Addsfit pistol ensures 3300 percussions per minute through 9 different speeds and an autonomy of up to 6 hours. “The truth is I am delighted, I have been using it for a couple of weeks after doing sports or to relax / massage and the result is better than expected, it relaxes and relieves a lot”, says one user.

15. Hyperice Hypervolt GO Muscle Massage Gun

“Highly recommended for runners.” It is a top rating for this muscle massage gun which is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon. It stands out for having 3 different speeds and two different heads, it is light, easy to use and totally silent.

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