Top 10 Facial Brushes for a Cleaner, Healthier Face

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To be able to do facial cleansing and beauty treatments at home and have a clean and healthy complexion always, here we present the best facial brushes on the market and which one to choose according to your needs. 

The facial brush is an instrument that allows you to exfoliate the skin of your face in a much more effective, fast and effortless way. Using a facial brush will help your skin look much more radiant and healthy ; as well as it will help you to delay the signs of premature aging and cell regeneration.

Taking care of our face so that it maintains elasticity and always keeping it clean of accumulating blackheads or the oil that is generally generated in the skin is not an easy task. Nor for many women it is possible to attend a beauty center every week to perform a professional skin cleaning, since it is usually expensive.

This is how in recent years skin care, beauty and cosmetic health have become an important point in our lives; and therefore the products have evolved in a dizzying way, to the point of incorporating advanced technology to stop being mere instruments or facial cleansing products and become true professional aesthetic treatments that you can perform yourself in the comforts of your home .

Today’s facial brushes combine design, performance and efficiency in the work of exfoliating and caring for your skin. Many of these models have ultrasonic vibration and even customization functions so that you can fully adapt them to the particular needs of your skin.

The best 2021 facial brushes to buy

Here is our comparative list of the best facial brushes on the market, with their respective technical characteristics and prices so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your face.

#1. Foreo Luna 3Foreo Luna 3

Best sonic facial brush
  • Sonic facial brush
  • Ideal for combination skin
  • Clean and take care of your skin in 1 minute
  • FOREO For You App for firming massages and to control the intensity of the T-Sonic pulsations
  • Soft, ultra-hygienic and non-porous silicone head
  • 30% longer filaments to reach deeper pores
  • 16 different intensity levels
  • 650 uses on a single charge
  • 100 % impermeable

The Foreo Luna 3 is the best sonic facial brush on the market, as it cares for and cleanses facial skin in just 1 minute thanks to T ‑ Sonic ™ technology.

It has 30% longer silicone filaments to reach even the deepest pores and at the same time these filaments are 25% softer to provide a gentle and delicate cleaning.

In addition, you can customize its use, since it comes with 16 levels of intensity to perfectly adapt to each skin in particular.

#2. Foreo Luna 2Foreo Luna 2

  • Facial brush
  • Ideal for normal skin
  • Cleanse your complexion effectively in 2 minutes
  • Removes 99.5% of dirt, grease, makeup residue, dead cells and blackheads
  • Low-frequency pulsations to wrinkle-prone areas
  • 12 adjustable intensities
  • 100% waterproof design
  • Lasts 450 uses per charge
  • No replacement brush heads required

#3. Foreo Luna Mini 2

Foreo Luna Mini 2
  • Cleaning and facial care brush
  • Sonic facial brush
  • Removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, makeup residue, dead cells and cleanses pores without irritating
  • 8 levels of adjustable intensities
  • 3 kinds of longer and softer silicone filaments
  • It is hypoallergenic and non-porous to avoid the accumulation of bacteria
  • No head change needed
  • 100% waterproof design
  • Autonomy of 300 uses for each full charge

#4. Imetec Bellissima Face Cleansing ProImetec Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro

  • Waterproof facial brush
  • Constant vibration cleaning system
  • Specific triangular heads
  • Skincare Timer
  • 2 heads: for normal skin and for delicate skin
  • Suitable for men and women and for any skin type
  • Wireless: up to 90 minutes of autonomy
  • 2 vibration intensities
  • Includes: support base for recharging, protective case and toiletry bag
  • led indicator

#5. Remington Reveal FC1000

Remington Reveal FC1000
  • Facial cleansing brush
  • Double action vibrating and rotating head
  • 3 cleaning speeds: normal. soft and massage
  • 1 minute timer with soft prompt every 20 seconds
  • Can be used up to 30 times on a single charge
  • Water resistant and washable
  • Includes LED lights that surround the head
  • Includes: travel bag, recharging base and protective caps

#6. Braun Face 810Braun Face 810

Best 2-in-1 facial brush and epilator
  • 2-in-1: epilator and sonic facial brush
  • 2 piles AA
  • 6 times more effective than a manual facial cleansing
  • Waterproof
  • Deep cleans pores
  • Suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Customize your facial cleansing with the Braun brush collection (not included)

The Braun Face 810 is a 2-in-1: sonic facial brush and facial epilator . It is a compact and elegant design for easy and comfortable use, storage and transport.

Thanks to the sonic facial cleansing brush you will be able to cleanse your skin in depth, eliminating impurities and makeup and restoring shine to the skin thanks to its micro-oscillations. In addition, it helps facial lotions and creams to be absorbed much better because their active ingredients penetrate clearer skin more.

Thanks to its micro-oscillations, this facial brush is 6 times more efficient than washing or cleaning your face manually. It also exfoliates and softens the complexion.

The fine epilating head guarantees maximum precision, removing hair from the roots for up to 4 weeks.

#7. Sunmay LeafSunmay Leaf

The best sonic facial brush for its quality price
  • Waterproof Sonic Facial Brush
  • Silicone rubber exterior
  • Memory function to save the last settings
  • For all skin types
  • Sonic vibrations 7000 times per minute
  • Auto power off
  • 15 vibration speed modes
  • 2 minute timer
  • Rechargeable battery, standard micro USB charging port

The Sunmay Leaf sonic facial brush is the best option for its value for money. It offers smart settings such as the memory function so that you can save the last settings and thus not have to adjust the brush every time you want to use it.

In addition, thanks to the 2-minute timer with interval indicator, it pauses every 20 seconds to remind you to go to the next part of your face and thus section the cleaning and make it more effective. As well as the automatic shutdown function after 2 minutes.

Practical, ergonomic and portable blade-shaped design, it has a pointed and contoured tip that can reach difficult-to-clean areas such as around the eyes, nose, chin and ears.

#8. Misiki 5-in-1 Facial Cleansing BrushMisiki 5-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

  • Facial cleansing brush
  • Red / blue function for collagen regeneration
  • Blue light mode reduces wrinkles and firms
  • Red light mode reduces inflammation and acne and inhibits pimples
  • Waterproof
  • 3 intensity levels
  • 5-in-1 cleansing brush: 2 brushes for facial cleansing, 1 sponge head for makeup, 1 sanding head for removing calluses and 1 silicone head for massage
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Charging dock and USB

#9. Fancii Facial Cleansing BrushFancii Facial Cleansing Brush

  • Cordless Cleansing Facial Brush
  • 3 cleaning heads: 1 silicone, 1 daily cleaning and 1 scrub
  • Protective travel case included
  • Water resistant (IPX6)
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • 2 speed levels with 360 ° rotary rotation
  • Cleaning by microdermabrasion
  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Suitable for all skin types

#10. Beurer FC45Beurer FC45

The cheapest electric facial brush
  • Facial brush
  • For daily facial cleansing
  • 4 times deeper than hand cleaning
  • 2 intensities of rotary massage
  • Waterproof (IPX7), can be used in the shower
  • Hanging ring
  • On / off indicator light
  • 1 minute timer
  • Batteries included

The Beurer FC 45 facial cleansing brush is the cheapest on the market ideal for gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing of the skin and at the same time stimulating blood circulation. It has two intensity levels for a deep cleansing of the face or for a gentle and massaging cleansing that stimulates blood circulation of the skin.

It is a brush resistant to splashes IPX7, so it can be used without any problem while taking a bath in the shower or bathtub.

In addition to being a removable brush with soft bristles, you can find more options of heads in the market.

How to choose a facial brush

In order to choose which is the best facial brush that adapts to the needs of your face, below we will tell you what aspects you should consider when buying.

Types of facial brushes

Depending on their movements, these are classified into:

Rotating or rotating facial brush

It has a head with a natural or synthetic bristle brush that, when rotating in a circular way, removes all the dirt and impurities existing on the skin. These types of facial brushes are ideal for skins that are more resistant and not so sensitive, since these movements are a bit more abrasive.

Vibrating facial brush

It is generally made of food grade silicone that gives it the characteristic of being much softer and more effective when cleaning the face and also acts as a massager.

This type of facial brushes has a plate inside that produces vibrations and this is how the task of removing impurities from the skin is carried out while cleaning the pores. This type of technology is less aggressive than rotary technology, so it is recommended for more sensitive skin.

Sonic facial brush

It has a sonic technology, which is based on the emission of a series of ions (negative particles) that directly impact the positive particles found on our skin. In this way, it achieves a much better and more effective penetration into the skin, thus achieving a cleaning 10 times deeper than with a common rotary or vibrating brush.

This is the case of Foreo facial cleansing brushes, the most desired currently on the market, since they have an innovative T-sonic technology that emits ultrasonic cleanse 99.5% of accumulated oil and dirt in the different layers of the skin, while removing dead cells, reducing acne, blackheads and minimizing pores for a more even face.

One of the keys when buying a sonic facial brush will be the number of movements or vibrations per minute . In this way, keep in mind that the higher this number is, the better benefits you will obtain. So the ideal thing to do is to choose a model that offers at least 300 movements per second.

Speeds or intensity levels

It is best to choose a facial brush that has several levels of speeds to be able to increase or decrease it according to your convenience depending on your skin type and needs and thus obtain much more precise optimal results.

The most common today is that facial brushes have at least 2 or 3 speeds , each one intended for a different type of skin. Although it is worth mentioning that there are much more advanced and modern facial brushes that can have up to 16 speeds or intensity levels.

There are many models that include speeds to provide a soft and relaxing massage to your face; and others that also offer a more intense speed for a much deeper exfoliation. For this reason, it is important to know very well the type of skin you have before purchasing any equipment.

Feeding type

Another factor to consider in a facial cleansing brush is the type of power you use. For the most part, these devices are usually wireless; Some models use long-life AAA batteries , while other models use AA batteries . On the other hand, there are also facial brushes with rechargeable batteries that must be recharged in their charging base or some have USB ports, they are very practical and functional models.

In the case of models that are connected with cables, they have the disadvantage that they limit freedom of movement and this makes them impractical devices.

Autonomy and recharge time

This point is important and applies to the case of facial brushes that work with rechargeable batteries.

When talking about autonomy, it refers to the operating time that the device will have until its next recharge, generally it is between 20 and 30 minutes of autonomy . The most important thing will be that you verify the durability of the charge or the autonomy to be able to see how many treatments you can carry out with the full charge.

On the other hand, the recharging time of these devices usually ranges between 6 and 8 hours . Something to keep in mind so that you do not stay in the middle of a facial.


A pretty important point will be whether the facial brush is waterproof or not. It will be worth verifying that the model you would like to buy is an airtight and waterproof design so that it is able to prevent water and moisture from penetrating and damaging the brush circuits. Likewise, having a water-resistant brush will allow you to use it comfortably while bathing in the shower or bathtub, or also the advantage of being able to use any type of gel, soap or oil at the time you are cleaning without risking compromise the operation of the device.

However, of course this will depend on your needs and preferences for use, since if this does not seem relevant to you and you even consider that you prefer to do your facial cleansing routines outside of the shower, then it will be better to buy any type of facial brush.

Suction power

In the market we can also find some multifunctional models that in addition to cleaning and massaging, have a suction system to remove blackheads, treat acne and clean clogged pores. So in this type of device, it will be of utmost importance not only to be able to vary the speed of vibrating or rotation, but also to modify the suction power to adapt it to your needs and skin type for a deeper cleaning.


This is undoubtedly a key point in the selection of our facial brush: the type and material of the bristles that make up the head. In general, the bristles of the electric brushes for facial cleansing that we can find in the market are usually natural or synthetic.

So there are silicone facial cleansing brushes with rounded tip bristles, which protect the skin much better, since they are much softer and softer. At the same time, food grade silicone is a much more hygienic material than others, it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

The most important thing will be that you choose a material, whatever it is, that gives you delicate, safe and hygienic skin care. In addition, it is easy to wash and dry to keep the facial brush always clean and so that it also has a long useful life. Remember that it will be essential to keep the brush free of moisture to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that can penetrate the pores of the skin.


In order to prolong the life of your facial brush, it will be really essential to clean and wash the bristles very well with mild soap and warm water after each use in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and to keep it in good condition. You can even use cotton swabs to clean more effectively and reach every corner of the frame and components.

In the case of facial brushes to remove impurities from synthetic bristles, that is, those that are not silicone, the ideal would be to replace the head with a new one after about 5 or 6 months of use, because the synthetic bristles last less in time than other types of material.

On the other hand, it is also importantStore the facial brush in a place where it will not get dust or moisture . If the model you have is waterproof, then you can dip the bristles of the brush in alcohol or antibacterial cleaner for a few minutes and rinse it well. Then make sure to dry it well before storing it.


Facial brushes have very varied prices depending on the brand, technology, functions, accessories and autonomy. In this way, we can find low-end , cheaper and simpler facial cleansing brushes with only 2 levels of speeds and that can cost around 20 to 15 euros .

On the other hand, we can also find mid-range facial brushes with an excellent value for money such as the Sunmay Leaf that offers sonic technology, 15 speed levels, automatic shutdown and memory function at only about 29 euros .

Now, if what you are looking for is a high-end facial cleansing brushWith ultrasonic technology, you can find, for example, the popular Foreo brand that has several types of models for different types of skin. These are more advanced and modern facial brushes with up to 16 levels of intensity, multiple functions and greater autonomy and performance that could easily cost between 100 to 200 euros .

How to use a facial brush

Of course, in order to use your facial cleansing brush efficiently, it will be essential that you read the instruction manual that it includes very well and follow each step to the letter. In this way, you will be able to fully understand the operation of the model you have purchased and you will be able to clean it in an appropriate way according to your skin type. Now, as a general rule there are some steps that you should follow with practically all models of facial brushes and they are the following:

  1. To start, wash your face very well and then select an exfoliating cleansing cream or lotion of your choice. Keep in mind that the skin needs to be damp for the brush to work much better.
  2. The next step will be to turn on your facial brush to begin to gently pass it on your face with circular movements that start from the cheeks and then move through the nose, chin, forehead and even the lower part of the neck.
  3. The most important thing will be to dedicate a few seconds to each area, especially those that tend to accumulate more oil. The most common is about 10 seconds on each cheek, about 20 seconds on the forehead, another 20 seconds on the nose, and 20 seconds on the chin as well. Keep in mind that there are also models of facial brushes that include a timer that indicates by means of a sound when is the right time to be able to move to another area of ​​the face, this is undoubtedly a beneficial aspect since it makes the task much easier.
  4. Once you have finished passing your facial brush all over your face, then you should wash it again with plenty of water and then dry gently.
  5. As an additional step, if you have a facial brush that has a massage head, you can take advantage of it to pass it through the areas most prone to the appearance of wrinkles.

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