Theragun Prime Review 2022

Theragun is a very well-known and popular brand for massage guns. Today We shall discuss the Theragun prime. Theragun has introduced the following 4 models:

Today We shall discuss the Theragun prime massage gun. The Theragun Prime is a percussion massage gun, which means that it makes tapping movements. Therefore, the number of tapping movements per minute is indicated in PPM = percussions per minute instead of RPM as with a vibration massage gun. The Theragun Prime has a maximum PPM of 2400 which guarantees an intense sports massage!

Theragun Prime

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The Theragun is not super quiet. In the lowest position, it produces 48dB, and in the highest position 53dB. In comparison, an electric toothbrush produces 47dB.

The design of this model is sleek. The advantage of this design compared to the other massage guns in this top 5 is that you can hold this device in all possible ways. Which is very nice if you just want to get to that one spot!

The gun comes with 4 attachments. This massage gun can also be charged wirelessly. Via the Bluetooth option on Theragun Prime, you can connect to the Therabody app so that you are guided during use to get the best out of your massage! It is also possible to load massage routines on the device and the device indicates how much pressure you have to apply. This gives you a very complete product with Theragun Prime!

With the Theragun massage gun, we were particularly impressed with the battery. The specs say the battery lasts about two hours, but it lasted well over three hours when testing this device! Charging the battery takes 80 minutes.


With Prime massage gun, you buy a super powerful and high-quality massage gun with a 2-year warranty!


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