The 13 Best Anti-Cellulite Massagers to Eliminate Cellulite

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To reduce accumulated fat and avoid cellulite, here we show you which are the best anti-cellulite massagers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cellulite is a problem in the body of women much more normal than it seems, so you do not have to feel bad, much less feel ashamed. This is produced by the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous area,  especially in the abdominal area and on the thighs. The concern should really arise if this worsens and turns into health problems such as fluid retention.

To help eliminate cellulite from the body in addition to exercising, drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet; Today we can count on the help of anti-cellulite massagers , which are very practical and effective to tone the skin.

Anti-cellulite massagers are electrical devices that, as their name indicates, are responsible for doing massages through different types of heads and rollers, infrared light or through the vacuum function .

With these systems it is possible to improve blood circulation to reach the deepest layers of the skin and perform lymphatic drainage . All this work is what allows to eliminate accumulated fat, tone and tighten the skin .

Likewise, there are currently models of massagers on the market that, in addition to attacking cellulite, incorporate special heads to exfoliate the skin or perform a massage to eliminate muscle tension.

The best anti-cellulite massagers 2021

Here is our comparative list with the best anti-cellulite massagers on the market with their respective technical characteristics and prices so that you can choose the best one for you.

#1. Glo 910+Glo 910+

The best anti-cellulite and liporeductive massager
  • Anti-cellulite massager and electric liporeductor with toiletry bag
  • 100% natural, non-invasive, clinically tested
  • 4 interchangeable heads
  • Photoluminic technology: 32 infrared elements and Red LEDs
  • Penetrates at different depths
  • Motor “Silent-Light Motion”
  • Intensity regulation with indicator light
  • Auto power off after 30 min

Glo 910+ is the best anti-cellulite and liporeductive massager on the market, it is a professional massager for home use. Provides a treatment to combat localized fat and cellulite through a subdermal massage that mobilizes accumulated fats and toxins.

This massager was thought and designed by physiotherapists and doctors so it is clinically tested and approved to imitate a lymphatic drainage massage that would be performed by a professional specialized in the field. The advantage of this is that you can do it in the comforts of your home.

In addition, thanks to its 4 interchangeable heads it allows treating different areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks and back through different types of treatments for cellulite, localized fat, fluid retention, poor circulation, muscle pain, load muscle in athletes, reflexology, dry body exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, as liporeductor, etc. On the other hand, thanks to the “comfort” system, it offers easy and safe removal and placement of heads.

Thanks to photo light technology, a combination of red and infrared LEDs penetrates the skin at different levels of depth (640 – 910nm), which favors the creation of collagen and the recovery of elasticity and the regeneration of fibers in the skin. skin.

Finally, ergonomic and lightweight design that comes with a 3 meter long cable for greater freedom and comfort during use. Includes a toiletry bag for convenient storage and transfer.

#2. Solac Sculptural ME7711Solac Sculptural ME7711

  • Anti-cellulite massager, electric modeling lipo
  • Triple action: eccentric circular massage, pneumatic pressure and infrared
  • 6 interchangeable treatment heads
  • Perform subcutaneous massages
  • Increases blood flow, reduces accumulated fluids and fats
  • Deflate legs, shape the figure, smooth orange skin
  • Adjustable power
  • Suitable for use with creams
  • Toiletry bag included

#3. Industex Vibraluxe ProIndustex Vibraluxe Pro

  • Electric anti-cellulite body massager
  • 5 interchangeable heads
  • Sculpt, tone and firm
  • For use on hips, thighs, buttocks, belly, love handles, arms
  • 360 ° rotation and vibration combination at 3,200 rpm
  • 3 types of massage: slimming, toning and relaxing
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Smoothes the skin and fights cellulite
  • Includes 1 diet and nutrition guide and 1 travel bag

#4. Ardes ARD.M240Ardes ARD.M240

  • Electric anti-cellulite massager
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Includes 4 replaceable heads (2 cellulite, 2 massage)
  • Eliminates cellulite, draining function and massager for contractures or relaxing
  • Has infrared option
  • Intensity regulator
  • 15W power
  • 50 Hz frequency
  • Includes a very practical toiletry bag for storage

#5. Ikeepi PL665Ikeepi PL665

  • Multifunctional Electric Anti-Cellulite Massager
  • 4 interchangeable heads: 2 for gentle massage and 2 for deep massage
  • 6 levels of vibration speed
  • 5 levels of massage modes
  • Button control, very practical and easy to use
  • Wireless and portable, charging with AC adapter
  • 15 minute automatic shutdown
  • AC charging motor produces 3000 rpm

#6 Ikeepi PL603Ikeepi PL603

The quality-price anti-cellulite massager
  • Anti-cellulite electric massager for daily use
  • 4 interchangeable heads: 2 for anti-cellulite treatment, 1 for deep massage to deflate and shape, 1 to exfoliate
  • Adjustable speed and vibration level
  • Wavy, smooth and ball type massage
  • Relax muscles, calm arthritis or osteoarthritis, perform subcutaneous massages and increase blood flow
  • Easy to clean mesh

Ikeepi PL603 is the best anti-cellulite massager for its value for money on the market. This handheld electric massager is designed to help eliminate and combat localized fat that causes cellulite thanks to high intensity vibrations, which gives us a healthier body.

Likewise, it relieves muscle pain, body fatigue, tension and stress, achieving both a physical and emotional relationship. Suitable for wearing body parts: legs, neck, waist and back, arms, calves, etc.

In addition, thanks to its 4 interchangeable treatment heads you can apply a wavy massage (acupressure body massage, suitable for the whole body), a smooth type massage with a vibration vortex effect (suitable for the neck), a ball type massage (suitable for the whole body and you can use essential oils in its application) and an exfoliating massage to remove dead skin, also ideal for heels.

Its size is practical and portable for easy portability. In addition, it does not need batteries or batteries, you just have to connect it when you want to recharge it and that’s it.

#7. BICTIVE Massage Suction Cup SetBICTIVE Massage Suction Cup Set

The anti-cellulite massager by suction cups
  • Set of 3 suction cups of 61 mm w/u
  • Suction effect eliminates the adhesion of fats on the skin
  • Suction cups for physiotherapy relieve pain and relax contractures
  • Crafted from strong and lightweight 3mm clinical glass
  • Flexible PVC pear, high quality and matte finish
  • Adjustable compression
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Includes quick use guide and PDF manual to download

BICTIVE Massage Cupping Set is the best anti-cellulite massager for suction cups. This system is an ancient technique that, through a suction effect, is responsible for eliminating the adhesions of fat that cause cellulite. They are also used for physiotherapy because they increase blood flow in the area of ​​application, helping to eliminate muscle contractures and reduce inflammation.

The negative and controlled pressure generated by the suction ball is responsible for eliminating adiposity to tone the skin and improve circulation, offering a rejuvenating effect.

Also, thanks to the strong, high-quality, handcrafted clinical glass, it provides a greater suction capacity compared to other silicone suction cups, but without creating excessive suction that damages the skin. On the other hand, the compression is easily adjustable: low, medium and high.

It includes a quick use guide plus a complete digital manual in PDF format for download where it shows the application points for proper use and is available in 5 different languages ​​(ES – EN – DE – FR – IT). It also includes a very elegant and comfortable storage box with high-density foam inside to protect the glass.

#8. Beurer CM50Beurer CM50

  • Electric anti-cellulite massager
  • 2 selectable massage intensities
  • Stimulates blood circulation, firmer skin
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Removable roller
  • Ideal for exfoliation: sponge on one side, soft cotton on the other side
  • Easy to use at home
  • Power by cable
  • Ergonomic design that conforms to the shape of the hand

#9. Ikeepi PL661Ikeepi PL661

  • Electric anti-cellulite massager
  • Ideal for use all over the body
  • Percussion technology
  • Up to 3,600 beats per minute
  • After using 15 minutes, it stops automatically
  • Portable for SPA experience anywhere
  • 5 interchangeable heads
  • 6 intensity levels, according to your preferences
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Super light, only 900 grams

#10. Beper Massager 4 in 1Beper Massager 4 in 1

  • Electric anti-cellulite massager
  • 4 in 1: infrared massage, triple circular action, toning and firming
  • Adjustable power
  • Professional lip-modeling system
  • Infrared vibrating massage for thermoactive effect
  • 4 interchangeable heads for 4 massage modes
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Ergonomic handle to reach all points of the body
  • European plug (2 pins)

#11. Tuuli Roller MassagerTuuli Roller Massager

The wooden manual anti-cellulite massager
  • Manual anti-cellulite massager
  • No electricity, batteries or batteries
  • 40 cm wooden rolling pin
  • Combat adiposity, improve circulation, tone muscles and smooth the skin
  • Wood therapy, a completely natural technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Made of 100% natural, firm and high quality wood. Long useful life
  • ECO: friendly to the environment

Tuuli Roller Massager is the manual anti-cellulite massager, it is made of wood and is flexible. This is an excellent option for those who do not want to use an electric massager but rather prefer a practical, easy to use and ecological product.

This is a 100% natural wood wooden rolling pin with 40 cm long and 13 rollers or wheels with flat end tips and ergonomic handles at the ends for a secure grip. It adapts perfectly to various areas of the body for massage.

If little pressure is applied, it is used to make relaxing massages that relieve muscle aches; While if it is used with a more vigorous movement, then you can see its anti-cellulite results because its shape allows deep massages to be done, stimulating lymphatic drainage, which helps to dissolve fat nodules.

These pointed wheels massage different areas of the body, especially ideal for legs, hips, thighs and abdomen, in order to disintegrate localized fat in those areas of the body and thus help with blood circulation.

This strong, durable and high-quality natural wood accessory retains a toughness that is very difficult to break.

It does not require batteries, batteries, charger or connect to a power grid, so the vibration it exerts will depend exclusively on the force and pressure you make when you are using it, this makes the price more affordable.

#12. Medisana AC 850Medisana AC 850

  • Corded Electric Anti-Cellulite Massager
  • For different areas of the body: arms, legs, hips and buttocks
  • Firm skin, activates circulation, increases metabolism and lymphatic flow
  • 3 x 2 rotating massage rollers
  • 2 massage intensities: one slow and one faster
  • Easy to clean: removable and washable rollers
  • Ergonomic design: conforms to the shape of the hand and individually adjustable handle

#13. TruuMe Anti-Cellulite Suction CupTruuMe Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup

The cheapest anti-cellulite massager
  • Anti-cellulite manual massager + 2 silicone suction cups
  • Non-toxic, non-stimulating, durable, high-quality material
  • Delicate and ergonomic design
  • Promotes metabolism and lymphatic circulation
  • Easy to use: portable, practical, for daily use
  • For use on thighs, hips, arms and abdomen with oil, cream or lotion
  • Cotton bag for storage

TruuMe Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup is the best cheapest manual anti-cellulite massager with 2 suction cups included. These suction cups are responsible for stimulating lymphatic circulation, which significantly reduces cellulite because it tones the skin, making it look much smoother and more elastic.

Also, apart from these suction cups, a massager with a head with silicone tips is included to further contribute to the stimulation of blood circulation. The silicone used in its manufacture is non-toxic and of high quality, which makes the product resistant to the pressure that you are going to do when you use it.

The anti-cellulite cups are hypoallergenic, of high quality and can be used daily on most areas of the body such as the buttocks, hips, abdomen, legs, waist, ankle, thighs, etc.

The manual massager has an ergonomic design that facilitates the grip thanks to its handle that adapts to the natural shape of the hand. Its tips and the wheels that have its rollers help to massage the different areas. It comes with an included cotton bag to store everything comfortably.

How to choose an anti-cellulite massager

In order to choose which is the best anti-cellulite massager for you, here we tell you what aspects you should consider when buying a device like this.

Types of anti-cellulite massagers

Anti-cellulite pressure massager

These can be found both electric and manual models. In the case of manuals, it uses rollers with small teeth to stimulate blood circulation. And the electric, in addition to having the rollers, also offers infrared heat to make the massage more effective.

  • Manual anti-cellulite massagers: These massagers are like a roller that uses wheels with teeth, cubes or balls to stimulate blood circulation. Most of these types of massagers are made from stiff plastic bristles or natural wood. As a disadvantage, it could be mentioned that it is necessary to use these massagers more frequently and constantly to notice a visible difference in the skin. The advantage is that its price is quite affordable compared to other types of electric models. In general, it is recommended to use them with creams, lotions or oils so that the glide is much better.
  • Electric anti-cellulite massagers:These massagers promote the contraction of the muscles through vibration in order to relocate and loosen the fat that causes cellulite and thus be able to eliminate it naturally. This type of electrical device is recommended for fat cellulite (which is the most common in women). They are models that usually have several functions thanks to the interchangeable heads that they include for different types of treatments and have the advantage of not requiring any effort on the part of the user. Many of these models come with cable, others with batteries or batteries, depending on what you are looking for you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The disadvantage with respect to previous models is that they usually cost a little more as they are electrical appliances.
  • Infrared Anti-Cellulite Massager: This type of device works through heating mode. In fact, it releases heat that warms the localized fat that produces cellulite, giving a type of massage under the skin to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate waste and toxins and tone the skin. Naturally, it should be noted that this technique is painless and non-invasive.
Anti-cellulite vacuum massagers
  • Anti-cellulite massagers with suction cups:Cupping massages are an anti-cellulite treatment in which these devices made of plastic or silicone are used to fulfill the objective of sucking the area to be treated. This reverse pressure decreases cellulite while stimulating blood circulation. Also, some of these cupping treatments also use heat to make the task of breaking down accumulated fat in certain areas of the body much easier. This procedure is quite common not only to reduce and combat cellulite, but also to help people who have had a radical loss of body fat. One of the great benefits of this massager is that it provides a relaxing and intense massage without being annoying or too invasive.


Regardless of the type of massager you choose to buy, it is essential that you pay attention to the material or manufacturing materials, since they must be of high quality, resistance and durability , as well as being hypoallergenic and clinically tested for home use.

These anti-cellulite massagers penetrate very deep into the skin, so it is advisable to avoid buying those that are made with cheap plastic materials or that are not resistant since they could cause damage to the skin.

Areas of use

It is not the same to apply an anti-cellulite massager to the abdomen than to apply it to the legs, arms or buttocks, in general, each device has a peculiar shape that can facilitate its use and adaptation to each area of ​​the body or not. This is something that you should take into account so that it is comfortable to use it in the area of ​​the body that you want.

If you want to achieve better results, it is best to use your massager on each affected area, always in a circular way, from the bottom up and take advantage of its intensity regulator: softer for the most sensitive areas and with greater intensity for the most consistent ones.

Number of heads

The number of interchangeable heads is a key factor because this offers the anti-cellulite massager greater versatility. This way you will get an effective massage depending on the need: cellulite, muscle tension, fat reduction, blood circulation, etc.

Ideally, choose an anti-cellulite massager that offers you at least 2 heads : one that works as a relaxing effect and the other to stimulate blood circulation.

Design and ergonomics

The design of the anti-cellulite massager will determine whether its use is comfortable or not, for this reason it is essential to check if it adapts to the hand or if it is used by holding it by a handle and if this is comfortable to use it in the areas of the body that you want to treat.

Most of these devices contemplate their design for use with essential oils, gels, creams or anti-cellulite lotions to facilitate and accelerate treatments.

Keep in mind that smaller manual models that fit one hand will go as far as your hand can go. While the designs with a longer handle, you can also use them on the back as a decontracting and relaxing massager for example.

Size and weight

It is important to verify the weight and size of the anti-cellulite massager, since you should consider that the treatment usually lasts 15 minutes. For this reason, consider that you will have to hold it during the entire treatment so it would be better if it is a light and compact device .

It is clear that a good massager should not be too bulky or heavy, but it should not be so small that you need to spend a lot of time treating the same area to do its job.

On the other hand, you’d better consider where you are going to use the massager. If what you are thinking about is using the massager at home, you could say that the size will not be a problem then.

However, if what you want is a massager to use on the road, in the sauna or in the gym; then it will be better to opt for a compact and portable model. A small-sized massager provides greater portability for portability anywhere.

Noise level

With manual massagers there will surely be no problem, while electric massagers are usually more or less noisy since they do have a powerful motor that does the job. So this point will depend largely on your preferences and the people with whom you live to avoid disturbing outsiders.

This point will largely depend on the power of the equipment, so it will be better to choose one with a dimmer switch.

Wired or wireless

Some models of anti-cellulite massagers come without cables and others with cables, for this reason they can be powered by batteries, battery or must be connected to a power outlet. The choice you make naturally will depend on your tastes, needs and preferences.

Just keep in mind that in the case of cordless massagers, they are battery powered , which means you’ll need to continually buy them every time they run out. While electric massagers cable require power outlets to operate, a point would not be a problem if you want to use at home.

Finally, if you decide to buy a portable massager, that is, with rechargeable batteries, then you just have to consider that these models will also need the wiring to recharge. In these cases, the ideal would be that you verify the autonomy time offered by the model you choose, generally we speak of a certain number of hours of autonomy, it is enough to treat all the affected areas without interruptions.

Waterproof or not

Choosing a device of these that is resistant to water offers the advantage of greater durability in places where humidity is a constant, for example if you want one to take to the sauna or to use in the bathroom. Therefore, it is a particularity that is worth considering at the time of purchase.

The manual or suction cup models meet this requirement without problems , however with the electric ones you will not be able to expose them under water.

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