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Best Massge Gun Undder $150 – They Aer Cheaper and Better Now

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Welcome! Today we are going to talk about the best massage guns for less than 150.

It’s been months since we posted the best massage guns for less than $ 200. We received a lot of feedback for this post and we liked this engagement. However, since most of the massage guns included in this post were very close to $ 200 (some even more), we asked people to do a post about guns that are a bit cheaper. Some close to $ 150 or ideally below that. Well, we heard and here it is!

This article lists the best guns for less than $ 150. As always, we explain our reasoning behind the pick, and we’ll give details of each gun we choose – we love to review massage guns!

One of the things we like about it is that since then, under $ 200 gun post, new massage guns have hit the market. We will also take a look at some of them.

We will also share discount coupons that fall into the category of more expensive guns less than $ 150.

What can you expect for less than 150?

Well, expect something decent. At least something better than that you got for less than $ 150 a year ago. Since then, things have changed dramatically, and for the better.

Now you can find some great devices that cost less than $ 150. And it’s not just poorly made devices that have little or no power, which flooded the market at the time. These are suitable tools.

Definitely don’t expect to find a Theragon or HyperVolt for less than 150 – even the cheaper smaller versions will get you back $ 199. These are two industrial companies that like to receive premiums for their products.

We chose to filter out all the crappy gadgets that are available in the popular market, and only want those that we believe are the best massage guns for less than $ 150.

We like to test the springs of every product we buy and test. We compare the data to extract jewelry from the sea of ​​clones. We also have to be practical about how we choose any device for our list. All devices must meet our highest standards in material quality, noise level, and of course, performance standards.

However, keep in mind that we do not make massage guns, but we do share opinions based on actual data and sound reasoning. We also openly tell you about the devices we encounter with our chosen devices.

How we choose – our standard

Although many reviews ignore or underestimate some of these criteria, we do not. We take it seriously and make sure all tools meet them. Let’s start with performance, shall we?

Stall force

Stall force is the pressure exerted to stop the motor of a device. This happens when you press the massage gun on your skin. A massage gun with a weak stall force will stop quickly when pressed.

As we have already explained, today less than $ 150 massage guns are decent enough to give you the best performance (otherwise we will not need this article).

Not long ago, when we posted a massage gun for less than 200, we explained that you could easily get a 40-50lbs massage gun. Stall Force for this price.

Today, we will say the same thing, this time for the $ 150 less category. Once again, new massage guns have been unveiled since we posted this and the prices are fantastic.

We believe that too much stall force is good for any massage gun, and that’s why.

You can do a delicate massage if you want (soothing and relaxing). All you have to do is float the massage gun on the skin and it will work. However, when you want to do a deep massage, especially when your muscles are large, you have to press the gun to the body, and this is where you need the stall force (Tip: About using a massage gun). Learn more here).
Another reason is that stall force is an important aspect of performance in determining the quality of a device. For example, a device with a good dimension but a weak stall force, does not have to be very good.

Stroke length

Also called dimension, this is the distance covered by the massage gunhead because it hits your skin (percussion). It determines how deep the massage you can get. The low-dimensional device moves more than that and can only offer a superficial massage. It is best if you have a medium range or more dimensions for a proper impact massage – which is why you should buy a massage gun first.

We believe that a good percussion massage should have a stroke length of at least 10-12 mm if it is a full size gun or 8-10 mm if it is a mini massage gun.

But find a good stall force here. Many cheap massage guns promise up to 16 mm in size (theragon-like) but they have a weak stall force. These aren’t good enough, and we avoided listing them here.


Most massage guns today have a range of 1800-3200rpm or so. Some, with more dimensions, have a slightly shorter range due to more head travel.

However, it is not uncommon to find guns that have a range of up to 4000rpm. They usually have very small dimensions and are well suited for vibration therapy.

Other features to look for

Number of speeds : 4 to 6 Speed ​​is a lovely place, 3 can be good for some devices. If you have to pull it, go for 7 speeds but no more.
Extras like a pressure sensor: Now it’s possible to find a sub-$ 150 gun with a pressure sensor. Didn’t hear anything just 6 months ago.
Quality construction: There are some premium quality devices that cost less than 150.
Noise: More sub-150 guns are quieter today than expensive guns.
Weight: Some guns are made of heavy materials and are heavy. We chose devices that weighed 2.5 pounds or less (for full-size guns).
Size: We prefer compact guns, not cheap heavy guns.
Functional scaling: We reward efforts to improve ergonomics, and innovative brands in this field get more points than us.
Accessories included: We check the number of attachments included, if there is a travel case or pouch – 4-5 massage attachments are enough for the whole body.
Brand Reliability: We like brands that engage with us when needed.
Battery capacity and battery life: This shouldn’t be a big issue as most guns can run for a week or two with a single charge.
Warranty Offer: Nameless brands often do not offer a warranty or at best offer only a 1 year warranty. The best brands offer a lifetime warranty – we searched for devices from these brands.
Value for money:Of course, the list includes only devices that cost less than $ 150, but we have selected the ones that offer the best bang for your buck.

Best Massage Gun Under 150 – Our Recommendations

TOP 1 – Ekrin 365 Massge Gun

Their newly released (September 2021) Ekrin 365 is intended for beginners but offers a lot for a sub $ 150 gun. It has great performance springs that we can verify are correct (we took a review recently).

Acre decorated this new massage gun with everything that a great massage gun should have. We haven’t seen 40lbs entry level massage guns. Stall Force, but it’s one. Ekrin are suckers for devices with strong motors. That’s why their first device (Ekrin B37) was so successful.

We are glad that they are sticking to their formula even with this massage gun. It’s not just the stall force. With a stroke length of 12 mm, this device can hit deep when pressed against the body. When you want a relaxing massage, where you need some decent bumps, this device can deliver up to 3200 hits per minute. It is also the only سے 150 gun with a pressure sensor.

It also has some of the best ergonomics that somewhat mimics what the acronym has been doing since it came to the scene (italic handle). But they also added a twist by making the handle thinner for people with smaller hands.

The handle on this new device is also longer and is great for when you need to extend to the lower back. We also suspect that the new device weighs only 1.7lbs due to the trimmed handle. Many full-size guns weigh 2.2 pounds or more.

It comes with 4 well different attachments and a super juice battery for full body massage which can last up to 4-5 hours on a single charge. With a few sessions a day, the battery may last a few days before you can recharge it. It’s a silent device, just like the Akrin devices. It is also the first full size massage gun to charge via USB (an easy way to charge).

Acre is a trusted brand that offers premium quality devices backed up with a lifetime warranty. Their customer service is also top notch.

Top 2 – Lifepro DynaFlex Massage Gun

It is also a newly launched massage gun from another reputable brand with much cheaper massage guns. It offers a slightly different proposition from our higher selection.

For example, instead of a 12mm dimension, it has a 13mm dimension – 1mm more, which is hardly noticeable once you start using it. “It’s a bit of a hard punch,” he said.

It also comes with 40lbs. The stall is strong and can be pressed hard against the skin for deep tissue impact massage. You won’t get the same number of collisions, but you won’t need more – it has a collision range of 1500-3000rpm.

But the salient feature of this device is the adjustable arm. Many brands don’t make them that way, and you have to appreciate innovation.

The arm can be adjusted in 4 lockable positions at 0, 30, 60, and 90 degree angles. This is great for when you’re massaging yourself and you need an extended access (we’ve covered more about adjustable massage guns in our post).

It’s also a quiet device (not as quiet as the Acre 365), and weighs just 2.5 pounds – a bit heavier, but not something that no one can handle. The diameter of the handle is larger than an acre 365 and can be painful for small hands. It doesn’t even come with a pressure sensor.

However, Lifepro is a proven fitness brand. They offer a lifetime warranty for all their products and excellent customer support.

Add top 3-Lifepro DynaFlex Massage Gun

However, their AIDS Fit Max massage gun is by far their best-selling device. It’s not the most exciting device with top notch features, but it does offer good performance specs for those who want something affordable.

It has the shape of a normal, T-shaped massage gun and does not offer much in ergonomics. However, it weighs only 2 pounds and can be easily operated.

Its stroke length is 10mm, which we are looking for in the sub 150 device (note: they advertise it as 12mm but we measured it and it is close to 10mm).

The stall force is about 35lbs. And will offer a collision massage. Even the first few gears don’t stop easily (the first gear has a 26lbs stall force). We’ve seen a lot of guns that stop easily on the first few speed gears.

Its bump range is 1700-3300rpm – better than the first two on our list.

You don’t have to worry about running out of battery before you end your session with this device. The 2500mAh battery can last up to 6 hours (or 4 hours if you use high speed gears and apply pressure). It also comes with a nice hard shell carrying case and 5 well different attachments.


  • So ergonomics
  • Not very powerful.
  • No USB charger.

It has 9 speed gears, which we think is probably too much.
However, addsfit is a user-friendly brand and you can expect a warranty of up to 3 years if you register your device on their website – only 1 year if you do not register. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee, and their device is shipped internationally.

Top 4 – Ekrin Bantam Massage Gun 

Another acronym massage gun we are proud to add to our list. This is a mini massage gun and it is an option if you want something extremely portable to take with you on your trip.

It is a super compact massage gun measuring 6 x 4.5 x 1.9 inches (HLW). It’s one of the smallest massage guns out there. It also measures a modest 1.1 pounds, and is the lightest device on our list. It also has an ergonomic handle – an oblique 15 degree handle.

For a mini massage gun, it’s so powerful. It has 35lbs. Stall Force – AIDS Foot Massage Gun As We Just Saw This makes it one of the most powerful mini devices out there.

It accomplishes this power with a tremendous 10 mm dimension. That’s enough stroke length for a mini gun – which doesn’t require much. It also has a range of 2000-3200rpm in 3 speed gears which is great for a mini massage gun.

It has a strong build and a premium shape. It comes with 4 attachments in a good carrying case. A high quality Samsung battery will work for about 3-4 hours before you need to recharge it.

Top 5 – Bob and Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun

It may not be true that the last tool on our list is influenced by the most popular therapists on the Internet. Bob and Brad have 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube and are doing an amazing job of educating their followers about physical health.

We had his C2 massage gun and even reviewed it. The X6 is a new model they call an upgrade. It doesn’t have much to offer our top guns, but it’s a great budget buy.

Bob and Brad say it has a dimension of 10.5 mm, which is reasonable in terms of cost, but not suitable for a collision massage.

They also claim that it has up to 44lbs. Of the stall force, which we had to check just to make sure. We compared it to the Ekrin 365, and we can tell you that it is not so powerful. If we’re being honest, it’s probably about 30-35lbs. It’s similar to Addsfit but no more than Ekrin 365.

It has a performance range of 2000-3200rpm in 5 speed gears.

We prefer the ergonomics approach with the elliptical shape rather than the typical cylindrical shape that is found in most massage guns. We saw the same shape with his C2 massage gun. We’ve also seen it with the new Hypervolts 2.

The device weighs 1.9 pounds and is very quiet – 55dB to 60dB. It comes with 5 nice attachments made of aluminum for hot or cold treatment (keep it in freezer or hot water). A carrying case is also included.


  • Can feel low amplitude vibration
  • 1 year warranty only

It’s still a good gun that deserves a place on our list. It’s not as powerful as the rest, and that’s why it had to come last.

Best Massage Guns Under $ 150 – Results

Hopefully now you know that the best massage gun for less than $ 150 is good for you. As you can see, many of them are over $ 150, but we’ve got you covered by our coupons. Feel free to apply them when you are shopping.

Just remember that now you can get a very decent massage gun for 150. Just check the features and make sure they are as good as we described in this article.

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