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Best Massage Gun Under $200 – A Look At The Best Underpriced Gems

Best Massage Gun Under A Look At The Best Underpriced Gems
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$ Welcome to our best massage gun under 200 post. It’s hot in the heels of the previous post where we tried to find the best massage gun for less than $ 100. It was a challenge, to be honest. We had to look everywhere for massage guns that were cheap but without compromising on our high standards. For that, though, things are looking up.

The best massage guns under $ 200

Just 2 years ago, it was hard to come up with the best massage guns for less than 200. The reason is that at that time, anything less than $ 200 would bring you only an introductory device, and boy was that awesome!

But things have changed since then and the fact that the market is full of these devices means that many are now cheaper. You can easily find a suitable massage gun with this budget. In fact, we’ve seen hundreds of devices that cost less than $ 200 and, surprisingly enough, some of our favorites.

We will share our best choices in this category and coupons for devices that exceed our limits.

So, let’s find you the best massage gun for less than 200!

What makes a good massage gun less than 200?

Things aren’t as frivolous for the 21 200 category in 2021 as they are for the $ 100 category. Most of the less than 100 massage guns are ordinary devices of unknown brands which we know will not survive another year. However, as we saw in our post, you can get some good devices from trusted brands that actually care about their customers.

For the $ 200 category, now in 2021, it’s easy to find good massage guns that will work well for you. However, it is not uncommon to encounter devices that will not only reduce it – but also the extremely poor performance characteristics.

We believe that it is very important that the performance characteristics are good enough because there are shiny toys in the market. All of these brands embellish their products like Theragon or HyperVolt but without real quality.

Another thing we noticed in our research for this post is that most guns are still vibrational therapy tools. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

While that’s fine, for those who are just looking for a relaxing device, we prefer collision massage guns – the ones that provide strength, and penetrate deep into the muscle tissue.

Criteria for selection – a few practical tips

Stall force

About 80% of devices on Amazon are 30lbs. Or under the stall force. However, some کم 200 less guns will still provide more power – 40-50lbs or sometimes more. We believe in more stall force.

This is because a device that can offer more stall force is more versatile than one that offers less power. Although you may need a delicate massage, the hamstrings and glutes will need a little more strength.

Stroke length (aka dimension)

Sufficient stroke length, which can be combined with sufficient stall force to move an instrument above percussion performance. We believe that even for a massage gun less than $ 200, the dimensions must be at least 12 mm long. More in our top picks – 13 to 15 mm long.

We should warn you about cheap devices that have extra long dimensions but have very little stall force to back them up – recent examples include Legiral Le3, Chirogun and Cansou.


However, there are devices that collide less per minute. They often have long dimensions. Some devices will have a maximum of 4000 RPMs. These are, in most cases, vibration tools that require more intensity to work.

Other features to look for

Speed ​​gears: We prefer 4-6 speeds. 3 speeds is acceptable, and maybe 7-8, but in reality nothing more (20+ speeds = frustration guaranteed)
Pre-programmed massage methods: When change in pressure means automatic change in intensity ۔ These are the best.
Extra like pressure sensor.
Construction quality: Not heard 2 years ago but now there are amazingly made devices that cost less than 200.
Noise: There are many massage guns for less than $ 200 that are even quieter than the so-called best in the business.
Weight: This is the problem with full size massage guns. Some are very heavy. We have chosen that are not heavier than 2.5lbs.Ideally though, take guns that are 2.2lbs or lighter.
Size: Size is a real challenge for the cheapest massage guns. Many are heavy. We prefer compact devices and we try to find them.
Ergonomics: We gave more points to the devices that tried to be innovative in this field.
Accessories: We found the number of attachments (5 or 6 is enough), travel case / pouch.
Reliable brand.
Battery capacity and battery time: This is not a big deal as most devices these days have juice for 1-2 weeks after a single charge.
Warranty Offer: Many unnamed brands offer only 1 year warranty or nothing at all.Trusted brands often offer a lifetime warranty – we tried to find that.
Rupee Value: Obviously we chose devices less than $ 200 but we also tried to choose the ones that offer the best bang for your buck.

Best Massage Guns for less than $ 200 – full size equipment

Below is our list of what we consider to be the best massage guns for less than $ 200, starting with our best choice. We will first add regular sized devices, and then follow up with our best choices in the smaller / smaller categories.

1. Acron B37 – Editor’s Top Pick Massage Gun

Acre is one of our favorite brands not only because they have the best quality products, but also because they offer great customer care. We can never help but go back for more.

When we compiled this list, their B37 massage gun was more than our $ 200 limit. However, because they have a great offer that offers a 20% discount on the usual price ( use code MGA20) , we had to include it here – and also to rank it as our No. 1 recommendation .

Straight acre shines where it matters most – the stall force. This device weighs 56lbs. Stall force. In most of our massage gun reviews we have always rated it because of its powerful therapeutics.

To go with a strong stall force, it has a dimension of 12 mm. This means that the Ekrin B37 can give a deep bone-to-bone massage. Although the dimensions are not the same as the Theragon, the strong stall force allows it.

Other features that compel us to choose the B37 include the collision range – 1400-3200rpm. This is probably the normal range for most guns in this category. But we like how the border is so far away. This means that with this gun you can start slowly and climb up as you see fit. Instead of starting at 1750rpms like Theragon, you can start with 1400rpms. There are 5 speeds to go through it , which is exactly right.

It is well made and comes in large sizes . It weighs 2.2lbs, which is about the accepted weight limit for massage guns in its category.

It also has great ergonomics. Acre probably started a revolution with the concept of its 15 degree angle handle , many brands are angling like this.

It has a Samsung branded battery with a capacity of 2550mAh which can last for 5-8 hours on a single charge. It’s also quite a quiet gun (35-55dB is advertised as a revival, but it starts at a little over 60dB from 50dB).

Acre is our favorite brand because they offer a lifetime warranty for all their products .

2. Opove APEX – Our Choice Massage Gun

The first Opove device we encountered was the Opove M3 Pro, which was more like a hypervolt than anything else. Again, the M3 Pro Max (get the name here) looks more like the Hypervolt Plus. Recently, however, we welcomed the new Opove Apex – finally a unique and original looking gun from Oppo.

Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding . It falls slightly below the $ 200 mark, but we have a great offer that puts it here in our category.

For starters, unlike our beloved Ekrin B37, the Opove APEX focuses more on dimensions. It has a certified 14.5 mm dimension which surprised us.

We are accustomed to seeing this kind of dimension in advanced massage guns like Theragon and Achidway Pro.

This is a powerful company to join but only if you have enough stall force. The Pro Max also has enough stall force – up to about 45lbs . We thought it was more of an ad than real, but we tested it and it’s not easy to stop.

The Apex is also ergonomically well thought out and can be compared to our top product – the Ekrin B37 – although in this case the handle is even more aggressive. It also weighs a little over B37 – 2.3lbs.

It has a decent collision range for guns with a long dimension – 1800-2300rpm. It has 3 speeds for cycling which may not be too much, but is enough for the collision limit.

It comes with 6 different attachments and carrying case. It’s cool for a high-amplitude gun – 60dB at the highest intensity isn’t too much.

3. Lifepro Sonic LX – Massage Gun

The Lifepro Sonic LX is the third device on our list, but don’t let the ratings fool you. As we said in our full review, this is a serious device that has a lot to offer and at a very high price.

But perhaps the thing that made us stop and pay attention to this massage gun is its motor power. This is a 72 watt monster that we believe can provide a lot of power for a collision massage.

Still, with this type of power output, the Sonic LX has about 33lbs. Stall force . We will honestly expect more, but on the other hand we have seen many brands exaggerate the specs recently, so we will take the real 33lbs. Fake 50 or so.

One thing’s for sure: the LX massage gun definitely feels stronger than Theragan Prime or HyperVolt.

There is a 12mm dimension to go with decent stall force which guarantees a good punch.

It also has a great collision range – from 1800-3400rpm to 9 speed cycles. Many guns do not have such a wide range.

It’s also a power tool, and unlike our beloved Ekrin B37, the ergonomics are a bit disappointing. However, it weighs only 2.3lbs which is perfect for a full size massage gun.

It comes with 7 attachments and a carrying case. The battery is well-drained and can last up to 4 hours, depending on which mode you use. This is a silent gun – 60-65dB – probably not the quietest on our list, but still fine.

4. RecoverFun Plus

RecoverFun Plus is an interesting hitting massage. For starters, it’s a little smaller than our previous proposal, the Lifepro Sonic LX, and thus a bit more portable.

We recently reviewed RecoverFun Plus and really liked what we saw. Here we add it because it is a great deal.

Elliott owns 62 62. Stall Force , which at first glance seems impressive, but in practice turned out to be less, possibly around 45-50. That’s still more than enough for most people, so we think big boys and gym mice will be happy with how strong it is.

It may not have the highest stall force record, but the 12mm dimension is for viewing (especially for size).

Then there is the collision range, from 1500 to 3000 bumps per minute.

Our empirical judgment tells us that this is true, which is not often the case (many brands like to exaggerate the collision data). Needless to say, this is enough for a bumpy massage.

It is well made but not the thinnest and lightest tool. Our first two recommendations, the Ekrin B37 and the Opove Apex, are more ergonomic devices. Although it can compete with Lifepro Sonic LX.

Battery life is good – up to 3 hours per letter. If you need more, you can buy a spare battery as it is the only device in our list that has a detachable battery. With a second battery, this device can definitely work for 5 to 6 hours, depending on how much pressure you apply and what speed you are using the most.

It comes with 6 attachments , 4 of which are made of silicone, and one carrying case.

5. Bob and Brad X6 Pro – Massage Gun

This is a newly released massage gun with a lot to offer. Bob and Brad finally jumped into the full size massage guns. We will call it an upgrade of the previous C2 model as it has many similar features.

For starters, Bob and Brad held oval handles and rubberized them well for strong grip. They also made sure to keep it as compact as possible – it’s not big and weighs only 1.9 pounds.

In terms of performance, that’s all. This is a decent 40lbs. Stall force but only 10 mm stroke length.

This means that it is a vibration device that can be pressed hard against the body. We are not yet convinced that it can offer a deepening massage, but if you do not like aggressive massage it would be a good choice. Its standard collision range is 2000-3200rpm.

It is equipped with a carrying case and 5 well-connected attachments. The flat attachment is metal and can be placed in the freezer for a hot or cold massage – this is a neat feature.

It comes with a 1 year warranty and costs less than $ 150 – for those who want a starter massage or a reasonable purchase for the elderly.

The best mini percussion massage for less than 200

6. Acre Bantam – Massage Gun

Ekrin Bantam is a scaled down version of the successful B37 and we enjoyed reviewing it a few months ago. It is a super compact device approximately 6.5 “long, 4.5” long (with hair attachments) and 1.9 “wide.

That means it’s smaller than the Theragun Mini or the Hypervolt Go – you can literally put the device in your pocket and it’ll bounce. It has a 15 degree angle handle like its main counterpart. It is well made and weighs only 1.1lbs.

This massage gun is also very impressed with its performance characteristics. It has 35lbs. Stall Force , one of the best mini massage guns.

It has a respectable 10 mm dimension which is enough to pair with a strong stall force.

It has a range of 2000-3200 bumps with three speeds to go with it. Three speed is standard for most mini massage guns.

It comes with four attachments which have a great guide on how to use them. It has a Samsung branded battery which will last for 3-5 hours depending on the usage. For a mini massage gun, it comes with a carrying case, which we don’t find with the expensive Theragon Mini.

The Best Massage Gun Under $ 200 – Bottom Line

We have a list of the best massage guns for less than $ 200. As you may have noticed, many of them have coupon discounts that make them even cheaper.

We have chosen Ekrin B37 as our top choice because we love what Ekrin is doing for the precautionary therapy industry with its excellent equipment and unparalleled customer support . Bantam tops the list of mini massage guns for less than $ 200 with excellent ergonomics, reasonable power and excellent construction.

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