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Best Massage Gun under $100 – Percussive Therapy on a Budget

Best Massage Gun under $100
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What is the best massage gun for less than 100? Can you get a good device for less than 100? We will answer this question in this post and you may be wondering what you can get.

Best Massage Gun for less than 100 – Prices drop in 2022

In fact, a few years ago – one or two years ago – it was almost heard that a massage gun would cost less than $ 200 – even knocking was not so cheap.

But move faster by early 2022 and the market is full of new brands looking to sell these devices.

So much so that in order to stay competitive, major brands have been forced to significantly reduce the prices of their devices – which is good news for our consumers. The avalanche of these devices in the market is due to their increasing popularity.

To be fair though, you’re more likely to get a great massage gun for less than 150. However, we did go too far for some sweet deals for less than 100.

We couldn’t find many posts on the internet that had anything good in them, the ones that came close are actually old. We hope you find this post useful!

Massage Gun for less than $ 100 – our best choice

Here are our top massage guns for less than $ 100, starting with our best proposal.

1. Addsfit MAX Massage Gun – Premium, good power and 3 year warranty

AdSoft Max features

We’ve made sure to include Addsfit Max in our list as our top suggestion because, in terms of price, it offers a great value. It first cost about ً 200 when we first heard about it, but since then the price has dropped to 9 119.98.

Yes, we know, it’s still over یہاں 100 here, but promo code MASSAGE25 further lowers the price to $ 89.99 – a massive 25% discount. There is a small price to pay for what you are getting with one of the best hypervolt alternatives out there.

The two things we really like about the Addsfit gun are how powerful it is, and how good the attachments are.

Dimensions are advertised at 12mm but our digital caliper shows a little less. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The stall force is also very good. Devices reach a maximum of 35 pounds. Pressure applied, available on top gear. This is really good for entry level massage guns, and it is much more than what you say, Urikar or Taotronics (choose our number 2 and 3 respectively).

It hits between 1700-3300rpm, which is a slightly wider range that you get with other devices. It has 9 speeds to go with the collision. For the range, that’s enough, and not as ridiculously configurable as some of the other cheap guns over 20.

Unlike the Urikar Pro 2 below, it is also a simple device and does not have many bells and whistles (like dynamic modes, for example). Although it is a standard device. It is made of good quality plastic, the handle is made of rubber, and everything is well bonded.

It comes with 5 attachments that vary well. They’re all made of silicone and are great to touch (and clean). The MAX has a 2500mAh capacity battery that can last 4-6 hours and 10 days with minimal usage (10 minutes daily session).

It is not the quietest device, especially at high speeds, mainly due to high revolutions (3300 rpm). The noise it makes should still be acceptable to most users.

It has a 1-year warranty by default, but Addsfit is a user-friendly brand and only allows you to extend the warranty for a total of 3 years by registering the device on its website.

2. Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun – Better dimensions, warmer tip

The Urikar Pro 2 is by no means an extra fit, but it does offer good performance with “pretty good” performance features. If you can’t afford our top pick because of the extra money, it will work just fine for you.

Some of its features include a motor that can withstand approximately 25-30lbs. Stall force. Now, that may not be enough to give you a deep bone massage, but it’s still the best you can get for less than $ 100 (with PRO2 promo code, ie).

As our first choice, it has also advertised a 15mm dimension which is a bit higher in this case – 12mm is expected to be confirmed by our digital caliper. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

As far as the collision limit is concerned, the Urikar website lists 3600 ppm – that’s too much. The thing is, it would not be possible for a gun to be revised up to 3600 ppm with a stroke length of 12 mm. We expected it to be close to 3000 bumps, but we measured less.

It’s actually spinning from 1040 to 2050, making it a less aggressive option for those who prefer a delicate, relaxing massage (albeit with a deep hit).

It has some interesting settings; There are 3 “smart” modes with different intensities and up to 6 speeds manual mode to choose from. Also interesting is the handle, which rotates 180 degrees with a simple twist. We haven’t seen it before, and we think it’s an exciting way to improve overall ergonomics.

However, the unique feature is a special ceramic attachment for hot massage. Just for this feature, we voted Urikar Pro 2 as the best hot massage gun. For less than a hundred dollars (with our promo code below), this makes the device a seriously attractive proposition. To learn more about the heated option, check out this post.

Plus, it’s a great device that is surprisingly light for its size – 2.2lbs. It is also quiet at 55-62dB. The battery has a capacity of 2600mAh which can last 3-6 hours depending on the usage.

It is well equipped for its price; 8 attachments that are nicely different and come with a carrying case. The Urikar Pro 2 is a decent massage gun in terms of its price and will do exactly what it intended.

Overall, this is an interesting, well-equipped device that is not very powerful, but has a warm head and the right dimensions for working.

3. Taotronics Massage Gun – Cheap but good


Taotronics may not be the first brand that comes to mind when researching massage guns, but they have some affordable models, and their blasphemous sounding TT-PCA003 massage gun is one of our favorites in the $ 100 less category.

Or we should say “less than $ 50”, as you can currently get it for only $ 45 when you place an ET25 coupon at checkout.

To prove our point, this device weighs approximately 25lbs. Stall force. This is great if you consider the price. There aren’t many massage guns with this type of stall force in the “less than $ 50” category.

Now we know that sometimes brands advertise the wrong stall force and sometimes it can be less real. This is not the case with this gun, it is not really easy to stop this massage when it is moving fast.

To make the deal even sweeter, it has a 10mm dimension (advertised as 12mm) that is not too vibrating, but not too aggressive – not as hard hitting as the Theraguns for example. Although lower than the Urikar Pro 2 above.

It has a nice bump range – 1400-3200rpm – which means you can have a gentle, comfortable and intense massage if you want with this device.

It has 10 revolving speeds, which may be too much, but the wide collision range justifies it. It also has 6 well-connected attachments.

The battery is a 2600mAh capacity battery, which is the standard size battery in its size category. Taotronics advertises 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, but we recommend taking it with a pinch of salt.

Our experience tells us that you will only get such battery life when you use the gun at its lowest speed setting, and avoid putting too much pressure. Realistically, when used on different gears and applied here and there with some decent pressure, it is expected to run for about 4-6 hours on a single charge – like the Addsfit Max above.

It also comes with a carrying case which is something you don’t see with a cheap massage gun. To put it bluntly, Theragan Prime costs $ 299 but does not come with a carry case.

This is a quiet massage gun, advertised at only 42dB – again, it refers to the first speed, and will be up to the upper 50s, but it is still quiet enough not to distract and disturb. ۔

When it comes to spectacles, it is somewhat similar to Eric’s. Although it’s not very well equipped, and that’s why we put it a little below the Urikar gun.

4. Renfo R4 Pro Massage Gun – great ergonomics

In the R4 Pro, Reinfo has a charming massage gun. Competing with our top pick – Addsfit Max – is not so powerful but it has its own unique features that make us decide to offer it here.

For starters, it’s uniquely crafted with good quality materials. The thing that made it to our list, though, is its ergonomics. It has an adjustable arm that can lock in 5 positions. This already means that you have a device that will make your massage session a breeze.

In terms of performance features, the R4 Pro didn’t impress us with its 20-25 lbs. Stall force. We were expecting more from him. However, this is not all torment and sadness because the average 20 pounds. Enough to warm up the muscles, treat the pain and give you a good massage in the less muscular areas like arms and legs.

To help with this, it has a dimension of just under 10 mm – good enough for vibrational therapy alone, it must be said, but it will be good enough for the desired use of the gun.

It has 3200rpm as its maximum collision which meets the dinky dimensions. It has 4 speeds to go with the collision, which is enough for us.

It is a quiet device and will work at less than 60dB even at the highest speeds. It has a 2200mAh detachable battery that comes with a charging stand which makes it very convenient. It also comes with 6 different attachments and a nice carrying case.

It only comes with 1 year warranty.

5. Taotronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun – The best compact gun for less than $ 100

Another taotronics that made it to our list. As we wrote in our previous posts, this is a kind of hybrid between mini gun and full size. We like to call it a compact massage gun.

Although relatively small and lightweight (1.6 lbs.), The Taotronics TT-PCA004 has a reasonable 25lbs. Stall Force (the ad is 33lbs, but take it with a pinch of salt). We think that for size, this is a good level of stall force. Most small / mini massage guns will not be as powerful as their role is to soothe rather than cure.

Its dimensions are 8mm, you might say small, but that’s the standard range for mini massage guns – in fact, many of them don’t go beyond 6-7mm.

It rotates up to 3200rpm, hypervolt collision range. Despite its compact size and light weight, it packs an impressive 2600mAh battery, much like the larger Addsfit MAX.

Due to its disgusting dimensions, this is a very quiet massage gun that will not go beyond 53-54dB. It can reach 55dB (at the highest speed), but that’s it. It comes with 6 attachments, and a good quality carrying case.

6. Lifepro Dyna Mini Massage Gun – Best Mini Gun for less than $ 100

Diana Money really stands out in its own name. This is a small mini massage gun with a lot to offer to those who would dare to try it.

Lifepro is a successful fitness equipment company that is probably famous for its rolling rollers. Unlike most massage guns, the Dyna Mini is made of good quality metal (aircraft grade aluminum). If you need a guarantee of stability then you have got it.

We couldn’t find the Stall Force information on their website but we did our tests and determined it was about 12-15 pounds. Although not much, and behind powerful mini guns like the Akrin Bantam, it’s still fine if you look at how small it is. Also, to put it in perspective, a hyped and expensive Hypervolt Go has almost the same stall force;

However, a 15-pound stall force may not be perfect for a deep-impact massage, but it will be good enough for relaxation, warming up muscles, treating pain, and getting rid of lactic acid after intense training. It is also a good massage for runners.

It has a dimension of 6mm to go with the stall force. Again, this is a mini massage gun range and will do just that.

It has a range of 1300-3200rpm which is again a standard collision but is quite severe for whatever the gun is designed to do. It has 4 speeds for cycling.

It also has a powerful battery that has been rumored to last up to 16 hours. In our opinion this is probably true if the device is used sparingly – perhaps at the lowest speed and with the least pressure. Otherwise we estimate that under heavy use your juices may run out in 7-9 hours – still very impressive!

This is a very quiet massage gun, which rotates between 45-53dB. It comes with 4 attachments.

Lifepro offers excellent customer support and shopping experience. In addition, all of their products have a lifetime guarantee.

This is a great deal from a well-known brand that also offers a lifetime warranty for all its products.

What makes a good massage gun less than 100?

We’ve recently covered the best massage guns for less than $ 150 and less than $ 200, and we’ve debated whether it’s worth posting on the best massage guns for less than $ 100.

Truth be told, even though the market is now full of thousands of hyper-volt knock-offs, most are worth more than Rs 100. But given our experience and our enthusiasm for buying and reviewing massage guns, we were convinced that we could find jewelry for less than 100.

But there is a catch.

How to use a massage gun correctly
Amplified, stall force, percussion – 3 performance features worth noting
Most cheap guns lack key parameters, namely amplitude and stall force. In the language of massage guns, this means that these devices will not be able to offer proximal therapy massage.

The best thing you can do is vibrate therapy, which is fine if you want to relax or have a surface massage for other benefits, including blood flow. However, they will not be able to go deep due to a significant lack of power.

“We have the best possible spectacles in our top selection and we did our best to make sure they are collision devices and not vibrational therapy tools,” he said.

But, realistically, you shouldn’t expect to find insane power in these devices. This is because most entry levels are excellent and you should be prepared for low to medium strength.

Another thing you need to know is that some of these devices are mini massage guns. They serve a special place and their purpose is to be portable and intelligent. However, finding some excellent mini massage guns with high performance features is unheard of. The important thing is that we made sure that not only small but powerful, but also affordable.

Key criteria for choosing the best massage gun in less than $ 100

What should be in the best massage gun for those under 100?

Stall force

Stall force: This is the amount of pressure applied to stop the motor of a device which causes it to shut down. Sometimes when you need a deep tissue massage, moving the head of the massage gun to a particular muscle does not always work. By pressing hard against the muscles you can get the desired results. A stronger gun can withstand more power.

Here’s a complete revelation from us that you shouldn’t expect too much power from cheap devices, and the fact that we have some mini massage guns on our list means that the stall force is minimal.

If you’re considering the price, we’re lucky to have Addsfit Max, which has a pretty good stall force. However, other than that, others are not so powerful. But, from our list, expect at least 20-30-plus lbs. Stall force.

That said, a good massage gun for less than $ 100 should have a stall force of less than 20 30.

اسٹ Stall force comparison of less than 100 massage guns


Most massage guns are less than 100% entry level devices with low stall force, usually within 20-30 lbs. Range However, as the graph above shows, sometimes you can find a more powerful device (Addsfit Max, Taotronics).

length and width

Length of stroke: This is the length that is determined by the head of the massage gun as it strikes your skin back and forth. The length of the stroke plays an important role in a device, because it allows you to tell what kind of massage you will have.

بند Most guns under 100 will have no more than 10mm dimensions. Most of these are clones of the original HyperVolt, which was more of a vibration therapy device than a collision. They try to make up for the lack of amplitude with more percussions per minute (more rpms) but the best you can get with these devices is surface massage.

The massage gun really needs to be considered a collision device, requiring at least 10 mm or ideally 12 mm or more. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. This is because a better stall force can cover shorter dimensions.

In other words, we think it’s better to choose a device with a stroke length of 10 mm that has more stall force than the opposite setup.

Although this device cannot penetrate deep into the muscles, it can be pressed hard against the skin to achieve this. We keep this in mind when choosing which massage gun to include in our list.

Lastly, there are cheap guns like the Legiral Le3 (which we reviewed), or the Cansou which are screaming at you with their 16mm dimensions but their stall force is very low. In wanting to be like Theragon, they miss out on what really matters. They are not ideal for bumpy massages.

نہ Comparison of dimensions of massage guns in less than 100


Our best choice, the Addsfit MAX has a reasonable stroke length but it does not match the Urikar Pro 2 which has a certified 12mm dimension (advertised as 15mm). This is if you want a deep massage. In the smaller category, 6 to 9 mm is a common dimension.


Collisions / RPMs: Most massage guns under 100 will be faster and have a higher collision range – usually 1800-3200rpm. This is often because they have short dimensions. People with longer dimensions are less intense.

There are devices that have more than 3800 rpms. They mean vibratory therapy tools and cannot penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. Most strokes are very short in length.

Other features to watch

Speed: Cheap equipment is exaggerated here. Finding a device with 20 or 30 speed gears is not surprising. Don’t be fooled by this. In general, the lower the speed of a device, the better it can serve you. We recommend 5 or 6 speeds. We can tolerate less – say 3 or 4 – or more – 7 or 8, but nothing more.
Pre-programmed massage modes: This happens when a device has modes that automatically change the intensity. You won’t find many such devices in the 100 category.
Build quality: It is possible to get a very well made massage gun for less than 100.
Noise: Cheap doesn’t mean loud.Very cool guns that cost less than $ 100. In fact, some are even quieter than their expensive counterparts.
Weight: Finding heavy guns in this category is not uncommon but we focused on those that are 2.5lbs or less. Ideally though, go for a gun that weighs 2-2.2lbs (full size gun).
Size: We chose less heavy.
Ergonomics: We like brands that strive to be innovative with their devices ergonomics.
Accessories include: number of attachments (5 or 6), travel case or pouch.
Brand Reliability: Don’t buy unless they are behind your product.
Battery capacity and battery time: This is not a problem as most devices have batteries that need to be recharged after one or two weeks. Larger batteries mean more weight.
Warranty: Cheap guns may have only a 1 year warranty or nothing at all. There are gems that offer a lifetime warranty, we tried to include many of them here.
Value for money: Our choices are less than $ 100 or more in some cases.

Best Massage Gun Under $ 100 – Bottom Line

Hopefully by now you know you want to buy the best massage gun for less than $ 100.

In our opinion the Addsfit MAX is the best choice with its premium feel, above average performance and up to 3 years warranty, followed by the Urikar Pro 2 with hot massage capability. The little Lifepro Dyna Mini is a clean gun that will be a great companion if you want a percussion massage on the go.

In addition to these two, all the devices on our list will be tailored to your needs. And you don’t have to spend any money on any of them!

Also, if you can increase your budget a bit, you might want to check out our post on the best massage guns for less than $ 150 – there are some real gems out there.

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