6 Benefits of Massage Guns for You in 2022




The benefits of the massage gun are numerous and mostly focused on reducing muscle pain due to contractures, sudden efforts and incorrect movements, but it is also an excellent natural remedy for cellulite and a valid aid in physiotherapy.

Furthermore, recent studies have also shown the effectiveness of the vibratory therapy of massage guns on post-workout muscle pain , also called DOMS (an English acronym for delayed onset muscle soreness ), which means that using a massage gun on your muscles afterwards. training can make you feel less muscle aches the next day , speeding up the recovery phase.

The choice of the best massage gun also passes here. Knowing the benefits and contraindications of the massaging device is the first step towards an informed purchase.

The benefits of the massage gun for cellulite, muscle contractures and DOMS and when you really need a muscle massage gun to get results.

What is a massage gun and what is it for?

A massaging gun (or massage gun ) is an electric percussion massager useful for eliminating post-workout muscle pain (DOMS) or for relieving tension and muscle contractures in the shoulders, neck, back, legs after a hard day at work.

The powerful motor of the massage guns allows you to enjoy the benefits of percussion therapy on muscle stiffness with a DIY device, from the comfort of your home, gym or office .

In addition, the muscle massage guns are equipped with a series of soft heads, to precisely massage targeted points and decrease muscle pain in any part of the body.

What are the benefits of the massage gun?

The massage gun works because with its numerous percussions per minute it penetrates deep into the muscle, offering extraordinary benefits in treating muscle stiffness. 

The use of a muscle massage gun increases and facilitates oxygen distribution and blood circulation in the massaged area, consequently post-workout cramps and pains ( DOMS ) will be reduced,  improving the body’s resilience .

  • Relax your muscles
  • Relieves muscle contractures
  • Activates blood  and lymphatic circulation
  • Improve  muscle mobility and flexibility
  • Accelerates the recovery  and repair of muscle fibers
  • Promotes  the elimination of lactic acid
  • Warm up your muscles before training
  • Helps  reduce stress and anxiety by  relieving muscle tension
  • Helps regenerate scar tissue

The benefits of the massage gun are the same as you would get with a deep decontracting massage session, with the difference that you don’t have to leave the house. If you keep scrolling you will discover these benefits in detail.

Watch out for contraindications

The massage gun also has contraindications. There is no need to use a muscle massage gun if you have fractures or tendonitis.

Compex Fixx 2.0 Massage Gun

What benefits a massage gun can give you

  • Reduces muscle aches
  • Improve blood flow
  • Relax your muscles
  • Reduces lactic acid
  • Speed ​​up recovery
  • Improve joint mobility

1. Reduces muscle pain without the use of drugs

The massage guns perform a decontracting massage that helps to  loosen the muscles and contractures, stimulating the metabolism of the tissues , the blood circulation and therefore the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

The percussion and vibration massage penetrates deep into the muscles, thus reducing inflammation and muscle tension  and dissolving those annoying trigger points . The decontracting effect means that the massage gun  gives relief from muscle pain without the use of drugs and in a completely natural way.

Massage guns are also used in physiotherapy to supplement the rehabilitation process.

2. Improve blood and lymphatic flow

The massage guns perform a deep tissue massage, which, like the classic decontracting massage, stimulates the nerve receptors responsible for dilating blood vessels. The increase in the volume of the vessels produces a greater flow of blood and nutrients to the massaged area, which means an increase in the health of that tissue and its cells.

The lymph has the purpose of removing waste and toxins from the body tissues and represents an effective system through which the body collects liquids and waste material from the periphery and then conveys it to the purification organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph nodes). The function of the lymphatic system is very similar to that of the venous circulation: it deals with disposing of waste and toxins from the tissues.

3. Reduces DOMS and muscle stiffness

Muscle massage guns stimulate the receptors of the parasympathetic nervous system , which causes vasodilation and a whole series of chemical and hormonal reactions that promote calm and relaxation.

When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated all  muscles relax and we feel loose and relaxed . This improves joint flexibility and mobility.

Massage guns can help relieve muscle aches and post-workout stiffness referred to as DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness ). A 2014 study showed how massage gun vibration therapy can positively affect post-workout muscle pain.

4. Helps to dispose of lactic acid

Lactic acid is an acid compound that our body produces following intense physical activity (anaerobic). When the oxygen levels are no longer sufficient to transform glucose into energy (oxygen + glucose = energy + water + carbon dioxide) useful for our muscles, an excess of hydrogen begins to be produced which must be eliminated.

This is precisely the function of lactic acid which has the purpose of eliminating hydrogen from the muscles, transporting it through the circulatory system to the liver. When lactic acid production is greater than the body’s ability to dispose of, then we experience  muscle pain and fatigue .

The massage gun, thanks to the increase in blood circulation, promotes the release of lactic acid  and other toxins from the muscles to the surrounding tissues,  accelerating their disposal .

5. Improves sports performance and accelerates recovery

Massage guns help you recover faster after exertion because they improve blood and lymphatic circulation , which helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

A better circulation favors the elimination of toxins  in a faster way and allows the muscles to recover in the shortest possible time and to limit the DOMS.

This results in faster recovery, better mobility and greater relief from fatigue, which can translate into improved  sports performance  thanks to greater flexibility and muscle efficiency.

6. Improves joint mobility and flexibility

Massage guns are effective for achieving a  better range of motion and greater flexibility . They act on muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints, which work together to give us mobility.

The scar tissue is made up of collagen fibers that help repair damaged tissues of the body, for example after an intense workout, an injury or a muscle injury. However, the elasticity and mobility of scar tissues are not the same as that of uninjured muscle tissues.

Massage guns provide deep tissue massage, which helps break down these scar tissues, relieving the restriction of mobility due to poor tissue elasticity.

The constant use of muscle massage guns has been shown to be effective in increasing  muscle flexibility  and  consequently reducing muscle injuries. You can use massage guns not only for sports injuries but also for postoperative scar tissue.

When is the massage gun needed?

The massage guns can be used before, during and after training, to release contracted muscles after a busy day of work or as part of a physiotherapy treatment.

Benefits of the massage gun for athletes

Before training

It takes 30 seconds for each of the major muscle groups to warm up the muscles before training .

It  is a good habit to use the massage gun in your pre-workout warm -up routine: the pulsating motion of the massage gun helps activate muscles, improves blood flow and stimulates the nervous system.

During training

It can happen that you feel particularly tired and tense muscles during intense training. 30 seconds of application are enough to dissolve them and resume training.

After training

One of the main uses of the muscle massage gun is to improve post workout recovery .

A 2014 study showed that one of the benefits of the massage gun is the prevention of DOMS  (those classic pains you feel the day after training), so it is scientifically proven that performing decontracting massages with a massage gun after training improves recovery. muscular .

Using the massage gun after training is perfect for releasing lactic acid and loosening tight muscles. It is necessary to  choose a slower and longer massage gun to seek a calming effect.

The massage guns are very useful for a sportsman  before a training session to limit the risk of injuries, but also after physical activity to improve muscle recovery.

Benefits of the massage gun for non-sportsmen

You know when after a day at work or at your desk you would pay gold for a decontracting foot, back or neck massage? Here, having a massage gun at home helps to relieve muscle pain and “dissolve” muscle contractures and  classic stiffeners in the neck, shoulders, back and feet after having been at the desk for a long time.

Although born as a tool for sports massage, the muscle massage gun can be an excellent decontracting solution even among non-sportsmen , to relieve and combat small contractures and daily muscle tension.

To use the massage gun correctly to relieve general muscle tension, it is recommended to use it at speeds that are not too high  (under 2500 beats / minute) with applications not exceeding 2 minutes per muscle group.

Once the self-massage session is complete, it is better to let the muscles rest for at least 24 hours, repeating the session the next day.

Benefits of the massage gun for cellulite

The  Cellulite  is an aesthetic problem that affects 70% of women and is manifested by the famous “orange peel skin”. Cellulite is a vascular and metabolic problem that causes water retention and inflammation .

The causes of cellulite are in order

  • incorrect nutrition
  • low physical activity
  • circulatory problems
  • hormonal changes

For this multifactoriality, the best form  of cellulite prevention  is to adopt a healthy lifestyle , proper nutrition and habitually carry out physical activity.

To increase the benefits, an excellent remedy is also to add an  anti-cellulite massage  with the massage gun , which allows you to work on cellulite from a vascular point of view, with a deep massage that generates an increase in blood flow with beneficial effects on circulation and adipose tissue.

Benefits of the massage gun in physiotherapy

The massage gun is gaining momentum in  physiotherapy  or  osteopathy clinics .

In physiotherapy or osteopathy, you need to reach the muscles in depth compared to a normal relaxing or decontracting massage. This type of action is difficult to reach manually, which is why there are many professional massage guns on the market that offer benefits both for the therapist, who does not have to press overloading the hand and wrist joints, and for the patient who manages to obtain the benefits listed above. more quickly.

The massage guns are used in physiotherapy because their percussive therapy is better in terms of massaging force and depth of muscle penetration and because it allows a constant quality and intensity of treatment, without the force or pressure exerted changing during the treatment.

In the United States, where massage guns are already widespread, many physiotherapists and experts have defined them as ” an important change in the world of rehabilitation and sports performance “.

physiotherapy massage gun

The best massage guns (or massage gun) on the market of 2021

  • Theragun Pro
  • Angsec MG001
  • Theragun Mini
  • Urikar Pro 2
  • Dustgo Y8
  • Renpho R4 Pro
  • Opove M3 Pro
  • Achedaway Pro
  • Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth
  • Urikar AT1

The best professional massage gun: Theragun Pro

theragun pro massage gun

Among the best massage guns of 2021 and absolutely there is certainly the Theragun Pro professional massage gun.

With the spearhead Theragun Pro , followed by Elite, Prime and Mini, the American company Therabody Theragun is undoubtedly among the best manufacturers of professional level muscle massage guns .

If you are looking for the top of the range among the best massage guns on the market you have to consider the Theragun Pro, a professional device that can deliver 40 percussions per second and offers a 60% deeper massage than standard massage guns.

Depth, speed and strength are fundamental for any deep decontracting muscle massage treatment, the Theragun Pro massage gun , with its  16 mm of width , affects the muscles with a targeted and scientifically calibrated dose  in 3 settings , for greater therapeutic benefits for the body and superlative for pre and post workout , an unparalleled recovery and stop to muscle pain, especially those typical of the day after.

The PRO brushless motor of the Theragun Pro massage gun with QuietForce technology delivers up to 27kg of stall force .

The arm of the Theragun Pro massage gun can be  adjusted in 4 different positions  with different massage angles that allow you to customize the specific treatment of each person by choosing from  6 different heads supplied .

Theragun Pro technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 27
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussivo (rpm) 1750/2400
Speed 5, unlimited with the Therabody app
Noise (dB) 60-70
Massage heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2 x 2600 + charging station
Weight kg) 1,3
Material High quality ABS plastic
Dimensions (cm) 25.5 x 18.0 x 7.6
Extra functionality Strength meter
OLED display
Custom pre-set routines
Bluetooth and Therabody app Adjustable
arm 4 angles
PRO Large percussive amplitude
Large stall force
2 removable batteries
Excellent ergonomics
Very expensive
Warranty 2 years
Where to buy it Amazon.com

Best budget massage gun: Angsec MG001

Contractures, cellulite and more. The 6 benefits of the massage gun

The best economic massage gun on the market that we have selected for you is the ANGSEC , a low cost massage gun with good features.

It has a 24 V high torque brushless motor that delivers up to  20 kg of stall force , producing a noise level of ≤40 dB .

It is equipped with 30 adjustable speed levels up to a maximum of 3,500 percussions per minute which can be selected from the appropriate display; each of them adapts to a specific area to be treated also thanks to the 8 massage heads supplied.

The ANGSEC muscle massage gun is equipped with a touchscreen LCD display capable of displaying the speed, the percentage of remaining battery, the working time, switching on or off.

The massage gun has been designed to efficiently disperse heat, this door allows it to be used for a long time without it being blocked due to overheating and significantly extends the life of the massage gun.

The ANSGEC professional massage gun is equipped with 6 lithium batteries, which can be quickly charged. Thanks to the rechargeable 2500 mAh battery you can use the Angsec massage gun even for 6-8 hours on a single charge.

The battery lasts for weeks, with daily use of approximately 20-30 minutes per day. The ANSGEC massage gun is able to turn off automatically after 10 min of inactivity, to save energy.

See on Amazon

ANGSEC MG001 technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 20
Ampiezza (mm) 14
Range percussivo (rpm) 1200/3500
Speed 30
Noise (dB) 40
Heads 8
Battery (mAh) 2600
Weight kg) 1
Material ABS plastic and silicone
Screen HD LCD touchscreen
Extra functionality Automatic shutdown
Diet Cable
Purchase Amazon.com

The best mini massage gun: Urikar M1 Mini

urikar m1 mini massage gun
Urikar M1, mini massage gun.

The Urika M1 Mini massage gun is small in size but super powerful, because it offers a  stall force of 18 kg  and a percussive width of  12 mm . A pocket massager   that allows you to bring the benefits of muscle decontracting massage always with you.

If we think that the most famous  Theragun Mini  produces a stall force of 10 kg, here with the M1 we are almost  double the power!

Unlike other muscle massage guns, Urikar M1 features a single large round massage head made of quality silicone, which is gentler on the skin and suitable for almost any part of the body. When lit, the 4 speeds can be adjusted   up to  3200 percussion per minute  with a single button.

The  Quietpower 3.0 technology  of Urikar M1 allows a powerful but ultra silent muscle treatment always: the noise during the massage is equal to  32 dB .

The Urikar M1 is equipped with a 2600mAh  battery , which fully charged can support up to 300 minutes of use. In addition, Urikar has also achieved a technological innovation, because this mini massage gun can also be used as a power bank to recharge your smartphone or air pods!  It does not overheat thanks to the heat dissipation system placed on the top.

The Urikar M1 Mini massage gun weighs only  500g , like a bottle of water. It comes with a stylish  carrying case  that is perfectly portable and fits easily into women’s backpacks and bags. It does not overheat thanks to the heat dissipation system placed on the top.

Urikar M1 Mini technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 18
Ampiezza (mm) 12
Range percussivo (rpm) 1750/2400
Speed 4
Noise (dB) 35
Heads 1
Battery (mAh) 2600
Weight kg) 0,5
Material ABS plastic and silicone
Dimensions (cm) 17 x 13.8 x 6
Diet Cable
Purchase Urikar.com

The best massage gun for value for money: Dustgo Y8

dustgo y8 massage gun

The Dustgo Y8 massage gun is the best on the market for value for money. In addition to having a good build quality (aluminum shell), it also provides good power performance (23 kg) and muscle massage depth (14 mm).

The 12 interchangeable massage heads allow you to precisely target each area of ​​the body in a specific way, so we can define it as the best quality / price muscle massage gun with more accessories .

The massage gun adopts a vibration design with a width of 14mm. The 7 speed settings ranging from 1300 to 3,200 rpm cater to different muscle groups, provide great deep tissue massage. Quiet enough when working, it only emits 25-55dB .

The massage gun has noise reduction technology that allows you to achieve up to 3200 percussions per minute . Built-in cooling system and ventilation design can effectively dissipate heat, improve performance and extend the life of the massager.

The gem of this Dustgo Y8 muscle massage gun is definitely the 4800 mAh lithium battery , it lasts from 15 to 24 hours of massage use on a single charge (depending on the intensity of the massage you use). Charging voltage is 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz Max 0.5A.

Dustgo Y8 technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 23
Ampiezza (mm) 14
Range percussivo (rpm) 1300/3200
Speed 7
Noise (dB) 25-55
Heads 12
Battery (mAh) 4800
Weight kg) 1
Material ABS plastic and aluminum alloy shell
Screen HD LCD touchscreen
Extra functionality Multi-frequency vibration design.
Quality control chip for pressure sensing
Diet Cable
Purchase Amazon.com

The best massage gun for contractures: Urikar Pro 2

urikar pro 2

The Urikar Pro 2 massage gun is the only muscle massage gun to  combine vibratory therapy with thermal therapy , taking advantage of the benefits of a  constantly heated head at 45 ° C  to combine a pleasant sensation of heat with the massage.

This feature makes it the best decontracting massage gun to dissolve muscle contractures.

Urikar Pro 2 offers 2 arm positions designed to create ideal angles to reach any area of ​​the body. The patented ergonomic design of the 180 ° rotatable arm allows you to hold the device in multiple ways while actively reducing the strain on your hands, wrists and arms. By holding down the “Lock” button, you can easily adjust the angle of the handle.

The motor is quite performing (65 W of peak power) and can generate a high frequency speed of 3600 percussions per minute and a depth of percussion up to 15 mm , 6 speed adjustments and 3 modes of use plus a special mode warm up.

The equipment of the Urikar PRO 2 is completed by 8 massage heads for targeted therapy according to the muscle groups on which to intervene, and 10 hours of use for the battery and carrying case included.

The control and the choice of the massage intensity are made through the round lateral ring. The top and bottom air intakes are designed to prevent dust from entering the brushless motor. The heat dissipation is highly effective , which means that the motor will continue to run at a constant speed after prolonged use.

The price is the real surprise of this Urikar massage gun, excellent value for money and the numerous promotional offers on the manufacturer’s website, make the Urikar Pro 2 a massage gun many steps forward compared to the common massage guns.

Urikar Pro 2 technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 25
Ampiezza (mm) 15
Range percussivo (rpm) 1200/3600
Speed 6
Noise (dB) 50
Heads 8 (one of which is heated)
Battery (mAh) 2600
Weight kg) 1,3
Material ABS plastic and silicone
Extra functionality Ergonomic 180 ° rotatable handle
Air cooling system
Diet Cable
Purchase Amazon.com

The best massage gun for cellulite: Renpho R4 Pro

renpho r4 pro massage gun

If you want the convenience and manageability of a massage gun that allows you to reach any area of ​​the body on your own, here is the  best massage gun for cellulite .

The Renpho R4 Pro massage gun is equipped with a brushless motor capable of delivering up to  30W of power  and a  removable  2600mAh battery , which lasts according to the set speed from 6 to 10 hours after a charge.

  • 5 ANGLE ADJUSTABLE ARM – The massage gun with unique ergonomic design helps you to reach hard to reach parts of the body if you use other traditional shape massage guns. Hold the massager in different directions and positions to massage easily without straining your arms and wrists!
  • INTENSE PERCUSSION MASSAGE GUN – With 4 speed levels to target specific muscle groups and get just the right amount of pressure, this massage gun offers the exact depth and speed to relieve muscle tension, aches and pains, in addition to accelerating the pressure. muscle activation and repair. Perfect for athletes, bodybuilders and people with dense body mass.
  • 6 MASSAGE HEADS – The muscle massage gun comes with 6 professional massage heads in different shapes that will meet your different massage needs for all your different body parts and different types of muscles!
  • REMOVABLE BATTERY – Weighing in at only 2.2 lbs, this arm massager gun is portable and easy to use. Comes with a high quality rechargeable lithium battery. A full charge can support one week of training.
  • WELL MADE TRANSPORT CASE FOR WORKOUTS – Store all your stuff in one case, it’s convenient to carry and store everything, so good for your daily muscle relief at home or at the gym!

Renpho R4 Pro technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) Not declared
Ampiezza (mm) 10
Range percussivo (rpm) 1300/3300
Speed 4
Noise (dB) 30-50
Heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2500 removable + charging station
Weight kg) 1,1
Material ABS plastic and silicone
Extra functionality Ergonomic handle very
90 ° of arm adjustment
Diet Cable
Purchase Amazon.com

The best and most powerful massage gun: Achedaway Pro

achedaway pro

The Achedaway Pro is the best and most powerful massage gun  on the market.

The Achedaway Pro massage gun has an  impressive stall force : 80 pounds (therefore about  36 kg ), much more than the more famous Theragun Pro, but, unlike the latter, it  costs half .

It can also be an alternative to Theragun Pro  if you want to buy a professional massage gun without spending a fortune. It has a width of  16 mm , like all professional massage guns and this feature also puts it on par with the Theragun Pro.

This massage gun features a brushless motor powered by a  3200 mAh battery , which develops vibrations up to 2800 percussions per minute . The  5 adjustable speeds  allow you to choose the intensity of the decontracting massage you prefer.

The Achedaway Pro muscle massage gun is probably  the quietest  among professional massagers. The manufacturer declares a noise level of  40-60 dB  (depending on the speed), similar to an electric razor.

For physiotherapists and osteopaths, but also for those looking for a cheaper professional massage gun, the Achedaway Pro is a great alternative to Theragun Pro (it costs half!).

Achedaway Pro technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 36
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussivo (rpm) 1700/2800
Speed 5
Noise (dB) 40-60
Heads 4
Battery (mAh) 3200 removable
Weight kg) 1,2
Material Aluminum
Diet Cable
Warranty 2 years
PRO Powerful motor
Large percussive amplitude
Very quiet
Removable battery
AGAINST Slightly bulky and heavy
Price Check Price
Purchase Amazon.com
You can buy it from the official Achedaway website (which accepts Paypal and  ships for free  all over the world) and using the MGIT25  coupon  you can discount it by $ 25  at checkout! 😉

Best Quietest Massage Gun: OPOVE M3 Pro

opove m3 pro massage gun

If  you don’t like noise  while watching TV or prefer to chat while indulging in your nice relaxing decontracting massage at the end of the evening, the OPOVE M3 Pro  muscle massage gun  is the one for you.

The Opove M3 Pro is equipped with  Quiet Glide technology  and a 24 V high torque brushless motor, the OPOVE M3 Pro emits a  noise of only 35 dB  during operation (similar to an electric toothbrush), making it one of the best quietest massage guns on the market.

  • The OPOVE M3 Pro massage gun features an ergonomic design. Across 3 speed levels , the correct pressure is applied to specific muscle groups to reduce joint and muscle pain and promote blood circulation and relieve lactic acid. The massage gun can awaken your mind. The massager is very useful for daily muscle relaxation at home or in the gym.
  • The shell of the M3 Pro massage gun is made of nylon 66 and fiberglass , it remains intact when dropped from 2m in height. At the same time, with the unique silent glide technology and high-torque brushless motor 60W gun to OPOVE massage works only 35-55 dB through 3 speeds, offers you the comfortable and very quiet user experience.
  • OPOVE M3 Pro massage gun built-in with 2500mAh large capacity lithium battery , long battery life. Deep tissue massager with a rechargeable battery, works up to 3-5 hours of use on full charge, while 3 hours on the highest setting. In response to energy saving and safety requirements, the massage gun will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of non-use .
  • OPOVE R&D engineers designed six ergonomic silicone massage heads according to different parts of the human body. A professional massage brochure is also provided. buyer support team will provide professional massage videos. Store all your stuff in one case that is convenient to carry wherever you want to the office, the gym or on the go, anything can fit.

Opove M3 Pro technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 13
Ampiezza (mm) 12
Range percussivo (rpm) 1800/3200
Speed 3
Noise (dB) 35-55
Heads 4
Battery (mAh) 3200 removable
Weight kg) 1,3
Material Nylon 66 and fiberglass
Extra functionality Automatic shutdown
Diet Cable
Purchase Amazon.com

The best massage gun for fitness: Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

hyperice hypervolt plus

The Hypervolt Plus is a professional massage gun equipped with a  90 W brushless motor  that allows you to get a 14 mm deep massage   with maximum power and tension.

This Hypervolt massage gun is equipped with a High-Torque motor in combination with  Quiet Glide ™ technology  that allows the Hypervolt Plus massage gun to deliver  3 levels of speed  (up to 3,200 percussion / minute) while remaining silent for maximum relaxation. This makes Hyperice Hypervolt Plus an ideal combination of power, performance and variability.

The Hypervolt Plus is the best massage gun for athletes who need a   deep decontracting massage after training to reduce the onset of annoying post workout pain (DOMS).

  • Hypervolt Plus is equipped with Bluetooth function and can be paired with the Hyperice app for more features
  • With the 90 Watt high-torque motor it offers even more power for regeneration
  • Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth features 3 speed levels with up to 3,200 percussion per minute and a duration of up to 2.5 hours
  • It features a lightweight and ergonomic design, new pressure sensor technology and innovative Quiet Glide technology
  • Accessories: 5 interchangeable heads and a high quality Hyperice case

Hypervolt Plus technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) Not declared
Ampiezza (mm) 14
Range percussivo (rpm) 1800/3200
Speed 5
Noise (dB) 60-70
Heads 5
Battery (mAh) 2400
Weight kg) 1,3
Material Aluminum
Extra functionality Bluetooth
Pressure sensor
technology Quiet Glide technology
Diet Cable
Purchase Amazon.com

The best alternative to Theragun massage gun: Urikar AT1

Urikar AT1

The best Theragun alternative massage gun is (in our opinion) the Urikar AT1 and you’ll soon find out why.

The Urikar AT1 is a professional massage gun powered by a 65 Watt brushless motor   capable of offering a treatment power up to  27 kg of stall force like the Theragun Pro .

The Urikar AT1 massage gun offers up to  3800 percussions  per minute and a width of 16 mm  as for all professional massage guns, in short, one of the best massage guns on the market, an excellent  alternative to the more famous Theragun .

Also included are  6  silicone massage heads of different shapes to adapt the decontracting massage to the body area in an optimal way.

Another characteristic of AT1 is the noise. Using the  Urikar AT1 graphene coating can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction and provide extraordinarily high performance while producing a minimum noise, equal to  55-69 dB , as stated by the parent company.

It has an  ergonomic  “D” shape similar to Theragun Pro, although in our  review of the Urikar AT1  we highlighted some concerns about the second handle designed.

Equipped with a 2600mAh lithium  battery , the Urikar AT1 will continue to run for 10 hours on a single charge. The  LCD screen  turns off automatically after 5 minutes and the massage gun turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity saving energy.

Urikar AT1 technical specifications

Stall Force (Kg) 27
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussivo (rpm) 1200/3800
Speed 8
Noise (dB) 55-69
Heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2600
Weight kg) 1,3
Dimensions (cm) 27 x 25 x 9
Material Aluminum
Diet Cable
Display HD LCD touchscreen
PRO High percussive amplitude
Unique design
Recognition of the massage head
Energy saving functionality Powerful

AGAINST Limitations of automatic mode
Slightly bulky
Price Check Price
Where to buy it Amazon.com


I hope I have helped you understand what benefits you can derive from the constant use of a muscle massage gun in your daily routine and how to use a massage gun to achieve those benefits.

Pay attention, however, to the contraindications of the massage gun.

As you will have understood, choosing the best massage gun for you depends on your needsThe budget can be an important variable that could determine the choice, but also the use that you have to make changes the choice of the best massage gun that suits you.

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