Acupressure Mat Compared – What Effect Does It Really Have?

Acupressure Mat Compared
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When looking for therapy methods for the home, one inevitably comes across the acupressure mat. A mat that, unlike the massage pad, works without electricity. Regardless of whether it is about tension or pain in the back or neck, or whether you just want to relax – acupressure mats and acupressure pillows should help to alleviate the discomfort. What is acupressure all about? In the following, we will also see whether the mats keep their promises, what experiences have been made, whether there are side effects, which exercises can be done on the acupressure mat, and introduce the foot reflex zone massage – the acupressure mat for the feet, so to speak.

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What is acupressure?

Acupressure massage has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It fits into the series of esoteric forms of treatment. Because like its close relative, acupuncture, the meridians or reflex arcs are to be addressed via special pressure points, whereby the Ch’i is influenced.

However, acupressure works with blunt pressure, while acupuncture is known to use needles. The effect should be varied and even reach the healing of internal organs. Acupressure is said to help with nausea and vomiting, menstrual pain, muscle pain, sleep disorders, and stress.

After it is an esoteric massage, it remains the clear evidence of their effectiveness by Western medicine guilty. There are some studies on the subject that actually have a positive effect as a result, but most of them end up with the need for more research.

What does this mean for our acupressure mat? The great popularity of acupressure products suggests a positive effect.

The acupressure mat and its application

An acupressure mat itself is very simple. In principle, it is a simple mat with many small plastic needles. These act on the pressure points of the body and thus stimulate the tissue.

There is not much more to say about the principle. You lie down on it and lie still or do your exercises. Even yoga is on this mat conceivable. For reasons of hygiene, most relaxation mats are washable, some can even be washed in the washing machine.

Most acupressure sets contain bags for transport and use on the go. The mats can be folded or rolled up, so they can be taken anywhere with you. For the neck, you need a pillow, which is usually included in the set.

Acupressure mat exercises

In the beginning, you should approach quietly leave. Some will feel like they are on a board of nails. In the event of pain, it may be advisable to put a towel over it or place the acupressure mat on a soft surface such as the bed mattress.

If you have not yet got used to the application, you should first lie flat on it with your back. To do this, rest your head and neck on the pillow. Now breathe slower and deeper.

Now is also a perfect way to combine acupressure massage with meditation . A simple form is to focus on your breath only while counting the length of the breath. Gradually, the exhalation and inhalation should become the same length.

Even ten minutes a day can be sufficient. Nevertheless, you can stay longer on the mat depending on how well you are used to it. Once you are completely used to lying on the acupressure mat, it is time to vary the load.

Advanced exercises

You can now begin to work more specifically on individual areas . For example, you can rotate your head slowly to stimulate the neck more extensively. These are other sun-Post ion conceivable. Lie on your side and relax. You can also sit down and do more work on your buttocks and leg muscles.

Any connective tissue can be massaged using an acupressure mat. You can give free rein to your ingenuity and address the points that are important to you. However, you should always be able to relax in your position.

Movements are also an option for professionals. Whether light, controlled rocking movements that provide additional stimulation or stretching exercises , even up to a yoga program. If you don’t experience any discomfort, you can let off steam on the acupressure mat.

Acupressure mat effects and side effects

The plastic needles press into the tissue without being able to injure them. What is unfamiliar at the beginning usually becomes pleasant later. The pressure on the muscles loosens them and stimulates blood circulation . As with other types of massage that leads to the relaxation of tension and can in the long term pain, which no injury is based relieve .

By the increased blood flow are nutrients transported and fed . This has positive effects on the regenerative process . Thus, the acupressure mat is also particularly suitable for athletes who have had hard training behind them.

After one application you feel fresh and relaxed – similar to after a massage. This also has a positive effect on the psyche . Endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones and oxytocins, which are important for stress regulation, are released. Daily use relieves stress and helps to switch off. If you combine the exercises with meditation, this can lead to an even better result.

One must not forget that every person is created differently . This means that while most will get used to this type of stimulation and feel good about it. One or the other, on the other hand, will never get used to acupressure and hardly benefit from such a mat. The only thing that helps here is trial and error .

There are no known side effects. However, it should be noted that you should consult a doctor first during pregnancy !

Acupressure mat experiences

In contrast to massage mats, the acupressure mat does not reveal many functional differences due to its simple structure . The qualitative differences are particularly important when it comes to the material . Furthermore, the extent of the acupressure set that you want to buy is of interest and, as a result, of course the price-performance ratio .

If you want to put together a comparison of the products, the best thing to do is to research the experiences of previous customers . The large average best shows what acupressure mats are capable of.

It quickly becomes apparent that the vast majority have positive experiences . But there are also a few reviewers in between who find acupressure applications uncomfortable despite having tried it several times. This shows that every body is different and what relaxes one causes pain for the other. The only thing that helps here is trial and error.

Ultimately, most experiences are good to very good . The blood circulation-promoting effect is beyond question. The treated area of ​​the body feels warm even after the application. In the long run , most customers say that the acupressure mat helps them control and even relieve tension .

You can also read again and again that the relaxation mat helps to relax, especially when there is a herniated disc. There are also various purchase recommendations for headaches and neck pain . When analyzing previous customer reviews, we can see that the acupressure mat definitely helps in practice.

How does the acupressure mat help?

Tension or other pain caused by a herniated disc make us adopt a protective position . It should be clear that this is not conducive to the healing process , since it is unnatural and the freedom of movement is not used, which in turn leads to shortening of tendons .

By using an acupressure mat, the muscles are better supplied with blood, warmed up and thus loosened . You can move more freely and feel better. Which is also beneficial for the psyche.

The relaxing effect not only helps to make pain bearable , but can also help in the healing process of any stubborn tension . Because you can free yourself from the protective posture, you don’t get into the vicious circle, where pain results in even more pain.

All in all, regular use of the acupressure mat is a good addition to physiotherapy or other flexibility-promoting measures such as yoga , provided the body is not overly sensitive to the plastic needles .

The best acupressure mats tested

1. BACKLAxx Akupressurmatte im Set

BLACKMAxx Akupressurmatte Test - Blackmaxx Akupressur Set

Now, as is well known, size is not everything and so in our luxury product in acupressure mats comparison, the most important thing is the materials used. The covers of the Backlaxx acupressure mat set are made of 55% linen and 45% cotton . The extra thick filling of the mat and pillow is made of 100% coconut fibers .

In addition to the Backlaxx acupressure mat (65 x 38 cm) and the extra large neck pillow (37 x 30 cm), there is an extra coarsely woven cloth (100 x 40 cm) to make it easier to get started and to reduce any pain. There is of course the carrying bag in which you can stow everything.

As an addition, you get two downloads when you buy it . On the one hand, there would be the e-book “The Secret of the Acupressure Mat” , which explains how the acupressure mat works. On the other hand, there is a 60-minute audio book with relaxation techniques according to Jacobson , backed up with relaxing music.

The luxury version of the acupressure mat sets is available in classic gray / white as well as natural and natural / blue from currently around 84 euros .

Price & Availability *

2. ShaktiMat Akupressurmatte

ShaktiMat acupressure mat in premium black
ShaktiMat GmbH

The ShaktiMat acupressure mat is enjoying overwhelmingly positive customer ratings online. The established brand has existed since 2007 and advertises with over 21,000 members of its Shakti Facebook community.

The ShaktiMat acupressure mat is available in green, lavender pink, orange, yellow, indigo and premium black in the manufacturer’s own online shop . The cover of the 77 x 42.5 cm mat is made of natural organic cotton dyed with vegetable dyes. The filling is made from recycled foam.

As standard, the ShaktiMat 6210 has tips made of ABS plastic , which is approved for medical use . These are also distributed evenly on the surface so that the effect is the same everywhere.

For beginners, which is yellow Acupressure Mat suitable which has a total of 8280 points. Advanced users , on the other hand, should buy the Indigo ShaktiMat acupressure mat , as it only has 4140 tips. Because the fewer such tips, the greater the pressure on each one.

The plastic spikes of the ShaktiMat
ShaktiMat GmbH

The ShaktiMat GmbH from Germany also advertises that the production takes place fairly and transparently in a women’s workshop in Varanasi, India . Here it is handcrafted by women who live there.

As a socially committed company, it invests in its employees and provides them with a work environment and health care that is actually only dreamed of by the upper classes in the country.

The ShaktiMat acupressure mat is currently for sale from around 62 euros .

Price & Availability *

3. TOMSHOO Akupressurmatte im Set

TOMSHOO Akupressurmatte im Set

The TOMSHOO acupressure mat as a set is also a very popular product on the German market with a good price-performance ratio . Slightly more expensive than Intey, in addition to acupressure mat , acupressure pillow and carrying bag, you also get two acupressure balls in the matching colors with a diameter of 6.5 cm.

The covers are removable and washable and colored with organic vegetable dyes . The set is available in the colors pink / white, orange / white, black / green, gray / white, blue / white, green / white and purple / white.

The TOMSHOO acupressure mat measures 68 x 42 x 2 cm . The acupressure pillow measures 33 x 15 x 10 cm . According to the manufacturer, the tips are made of fully recyclable ABS plastic . The TOMSHOO acupressure set is currently available from around 24 euros .

Price & Availability *

Alterantive 1: Ergotopia acupressure mat in a set

Ergotopia acupressure mat in a set

The Ergotopia acupressure mat is another extremely popular product in the low price segment. Their set consists of the mat , an acupressure pillow and a matching carrying bag .

The Ergotopia acupressure set is only available in the color combination blue / white . Like that of TOMSHOO , the mat measures 68 x 42 cm . The corresponding cushion measures 33 x 15 x 10 cm . The Ergotopia acupressure mat is currently available from around 39 euros .

Price & Availability *

Intey Akupressurmatte Test - Intey Akupressurmatte Set

Alternative 2: INTEY Akupressurmatte im Set

The Intey acupressure mat set has an impeccable price / performance ratio . In addition to the mat, you get an acupressure neck pillow measuring 15 x 37 cm and a carrying bag in the right colors. The massage mat measures 63 x 39 cm.

You can choose from green / white, purple / black, black / white, black / green and black / purple covers . These are made of cotton and can be removed and washed with Velcro. The Intey Set is currently available from around 27 euros and is therefore very cheap.

Price & Availability *

4. Bodhi Vital XL und Bodhi Vital Deluxe XL Spiky Akupressurmatte im Set

Vital XL acupressure mat and Vital Deluxe XL Spiky acupressure mat test

The acupressure sets Bodhi Vital XL and Bodhi Vital Deluxe XL Spiky have their specialty – as the name implies – in their size . The 130 cm length and 50 cm width of the acupressure mat should be enough to massage the back and thighs at the same time.

The Bodhi Vital XL set is available in purple / white and blue / white . It includes a special acupressure neck pillow measuring 33 x 28 cm. There is also a bag for easy transport . The covers are made of cotton and are washable. For currently a fair 42 euros you can enjoy the acupressure massage mat.

Price & Availability *

The more detailed Bodhi Deluxe XL Set also comes with a foot reflex zone massage mat . This has duller pimples, which are suitable for the foot and can be used both when standing with a lot of pressure and when sitting with less pressure. It measures 35 x 35 cm. The other components correspond to those of the Bodhi Vital XL Set. For this you currently have to put around 59 euros on the table.

Price & Availability *

5. Mysa Superbooster Acupressure Set

Mysa Superbooster acupressure set with magnetic field therapy and Mysa Hot ErgonoPad heat belt

Would you like a little more wellness? Then the Mysa Superbooster acupressure mat set is recommended . This includes three products: the Magnetic Mysa mat , the Mysa Hot Ergonopad and the Mysa Thermomag neck pillow .

The acupressure mat from Sweden (since 2006) offers acupressure as well as magnetic field therapy . For this purpose, small, cylindrical bio-magnets are sewn in, which, combined with the acupressure massage, should eliminate sciatic insomnia, fibromyalgia, poor circulation and pain in the lower back. The filling consists of the eponymous Mysalus Mysa plant fibers and Tuscan organic spelled chaff.

Mysa acupressure mat filling made from Mysalus plant fibers and organic Tuscan spelled chaff

The filling of the Mysa acupressure pillow consists of the same plant fiber filling . In addition, bio-magnets are also used here for magnetic field therapy. In addition, the head / neck pillow can be heated .

The Mysa Hot ErgonoPad is intended as a heating belt for the lumbar region . It can either be strapped on, so that you can continue your everyday life without restrictions, or it can be pushed into the acupressure mat. Then it warms and adapts perfectly to the spine.

The Superbooster acupressure set also contains a waterproof Mysack fabric pouch in which the acupressure accessories can be taken anywhere. You will also receive a Mysa CD with more than 50 minutes of instructions for the guided meditation and access to the Mysa tutorial online.

The size and Swedish quality come at a price. The set is currently available from around 197 euros .

Price & Availability *

Individual components for acupressure massage

If you only want to buy individual components , for example only the pillow for the neck or only the acupressure mat, very good offers are also available for this.

Mysa Thermo Mag Nackenkissen

Mysa Thermo Mag neck pillow - acupressure pillow with heat and magnetic field therapy

The heatable Mysa Thermo Mag neck pillow is not only available in the superbooster set, as described above. It can also be purchased as a single piece.

Then you get the Mysa acupressure pillow with its filling of Mysalus plant fibers and Tuscan organic spelled chaff from around 69 euros . In addition to acupressure therapy, the pillow also provides magnetic field therapy . For this purpose, small, cylindrical bio-magnets are inserted.

Price & Availability *

GMMH Shanti Akupressurkissen

GMMH Shanti Akupressurkissen

GMMH offers the Shanti acupressure pillow as a single pillow for acupressure massage . This is available in the colors blue, green, purple or orange. It measures 31 x 23 cm.

Price & Availability *

Original Mysa Acupressure Mat

The Swedish original Mysa acupressure mat is a quality product in which the manufacturers rely on natural materials. This is what the filling made of natural fibers and spelled chaff is like .

Meanwhile, the plastic knobs are made of non-toxic ABS plastic . Lying close together, the pimple flowers on 80 x 45 cm ensure even pressure and a relaxing therapy.

Price & Availability *

GMMH acupressure mat

GMMH acupressure mat

The acupressure mat from GMMH as a single piece is of medium size and measures 80 x 51 cm. The cover for the foam mat is removable and washable with Velcro and is available in blue, green, orange, dark blue and purple.

Price & Availability *

Acupressure mat for the feet

The acupressure mat can ultimately also be used for the feet . The mode of action is similar to that of other parts of the body. Nevertheless, there are specialized articles that are specially designed for the foot. On the one hand, these are specially tailored to the needs of the feet, on the other hand, they can also be used in between, for example as a doormat in the bathroom . Here we are talking about the foot reflexology massage .


Reflexology is based on the same principles as acupressure . The sole of the foot has many different reflex zones , which by exerting pressure have a positive effect on internal organs and muscle groups and are intended to relax at the same time.

Foot reflex zone mats usually have coarser, round, more pebble-like bumps on the surface, which fit better into the sole of the foot and the reflex zones. The smaller size makes the reflex zone mats easier to transport, so that they can also be used in the office for occasional “walking breaks” . In addition, you can use this while sitting with less pressure , for example if you are more sensitive to the soles of your feet.

Reflex zone mats for the feet

1. Brino reflexology walk foot massage mat

Brino reflexology - foot massage mat test

This foot reflex zone massage mat from Brino is 180 cm long and 35 cm wide . The first third contains a map of the foot reflex zones, where the imitation pebbles reach precisely into the described reflex zones assigned to the internal organs and body regions.

The rest of the length is a walking strip on which you can walk as if over pleasant round pebbles and concentrate on your senses. According to the distributor, the foot massage mat is made of waterproof PP material . The foot reflex zone mat is currently available from around 31 euros .

Price & Availability *

2. maxVitalis foot reflex zone mat walk foot massage mat

maxVitalis foot reflex zone mat test - acupressure mat for the feet

The foot reflex zone massage mat from maxVitalis is less colorful than the above product, which means that the black pebble stone imitations on a green background are even more reminiscent of their original. Although a little shorter at 145 x 40 cm , you limit yourself to the walking lane .

According to the manufacturer, the mat is made of 100% polyester and the stones are made of 100% plastic . From currently around 9 euros, only slightly cheaper than the Brino foot massage mat, you get a less conspicuous alternative that you can also leave on the terrace or balcony after use.

Price & Availability *

Where can I buy an acupressure mat?

The acupressure mat is becoming more and more popular and can be found regularly in stores such as Tschibo or as an offer at discounters . If you can’t find what you are looking for here, you can find the best overview at (online) specialist sellers and the best prices at large mail order companies such as Amazon . The low price certainly doesn’t make you too picky. At Amazon, however, you can see at first glance which names and prices to look out for.

Further reading on the subject of acupressure mats

1. Self-healing with the acupressure mat: insider tip for those suffering from back pain and stress

Self-healing with the acupressure mat: insider tip for those suffering from back pain and stress - acupressure mat book

From Dr. jur. Günter Harnisch, himself a user of the acupressure mat. The book explains some uses and effects of this massage mat . For those who are looking for approaches and new methods to use the acupressure mat successfully as self-therapy, this literature is exactly the right one.

The content is relatively short but concise. Relevant specialist knowledge and various exercises can be found on 94 pages.

Price & Availability *

2nd Acupressure Atlas (incl. DVD)

Acupressure Atlas (incl. DVD) - Acupressure Massage Book

In this book by Dr. For Bernard Carl Kolster, it’s not about the mat itself, but about acupressure massage in general . If you are interested in the type of massage and perhaps want to lend a hand yourself, to learn the necessary techniques for certain ailments, you can confidently access it here.

Coming from traditional Chinese medicine, the subject of acupressure can be interpreted very extensively. With 240 pages, the book offers a detailed overview and introduction to the acupressure massage treatment method.

Price & Availability *

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